Most companies waste enormous amounts of money on marketing. Why? Because they fail to clarify their message. And if customers don’t understand your message, they won’t buy.


So how can you clarify your message? Just use the StoryBrand 7 Framework.


1. A Character

The customer is the hero, not your brand. The catalyst for any story is that the hero wants something. Unless we identify something our customer wants, they will never feel invited into the story we are telling.


2. Has a Problem

Companies tend to sell solutions to external problems, but customers buy solutions to internal problems.

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3. And Meets a Guide

Customers aren’t looking for another hero, they’re looking for a guide.


4. Who Has a Plan

Customers trust a guide who has a plan. Provide a simple plan of action they can take.


5. And Calls Them to Action

Customers don’t take action unless they are challenged to take action. A call to action involves communicating a clear and direct step that customers can take to overcome their challenge and return to a peaceful life.

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6. That Helps Them Avoid Failure

Every human being in trying to avoid a tragic ending. Stories live and die on a single question: What’s at stake? We must show people the cost of not doing business with us.


7. And Ends in a Success

Show people how your products can positively affect their lives. We must tell our customers how great their life can look if they buy our products and services.

Your customers want clarity and simplicity.
Now you can give them what they want!