Let’s start with a pop quiz! 

Question: What is the best form of marketing?
Answer: Customer experience.


I bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you? But it’s true. Providing an amazing customer experience is far and away the best marketing strategy in the world.
In his book, The Starbucks Experience, Joseph A. Michelli offers five key business principles that drive Starbucks phenomenal success, and the focus is on the experience.
Take a close look at these principles and think about how you can adapt each to make your customer experience, and your marketing efforts, world class.


Principle 1 – Make It Your Own

There are five ways of being:

1. Be welcoming
2. Be genuine
3. Be considerate
4. Be knowledgeable
5. Be involved

Leadership at its best is simple instruction provided in an appealing way, with a spirit that offers hope. And everyone needs hope and a sense of belonging.
And remember, legendary service comes from a genuine desire and effort to exceed what the customer expects.

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Principle 2 – Everything Matters

All business is detail, and customers notice everything.


Principle 3 – Surprise and Delight

Customers want consistency and added value. You must have an extra something that differentiates you from the competition.

And if you truly want to delight customers, it’s all about predictability. People are pleased when they know that a company will deliver what it promises.
So if you and your business succeed at delighting every person you work with, you will be a beloved company.


Principle 4 – Embrace Resistance


“Don’t mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified, it is not criticism – learn from it.” – Author Unknown

When presented with negative feedback by a customer, recognize you may have an opportunity to actually strengthen that relationship.
A customer often resists a company or a product as a direct result of a lack of information about the company or its product or service.
Embrace the resistance by providing valuable information, and then the resistance will lessen.  


Principle 5 – Leave Your Mark

Great leaders not only grow their business, but in the process tend to expand their concept of community.

And when a leader’s concept of community changes, it allows the leader to be the change he or she wants to see in the world.

Huddle offers its clients an amazing customer experience, and we can help you with your company’s customer experience too.
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