7 Daily Disciplines That Lead To Astonishing Results

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In Laura Vanderkam’s book, What the Most Successful People Do at Work, she outlines seven terrific disciplines that can help you achieve extraordinary results. 

If you’re interested in maximum achievement, read and apply these seven disciplines.

These disciplines are easy to implement. These disciplines are also easy not to implement. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.



Track your time at work occasionally to better understand how you’re investing it.

Track your time at work occasionally to better understand how you’re investing it.



Successful people build planning into their lives. This must include scheduling time to think! Planning how time is invested is essential to success.



Be choosy about each day’s priority list and develop an accountability system that works. Make your to-do list like a contract. Small things done repeatedly have great power. Maybe have three things that will get done each day and three things that will push you toward accomplishing other things. People have a tendency to overcommit. Don’t.




It isn’t work if it isn’t advancing you or your employer toward its goals. Focus on what is important. Also, all kinds of things that don’t look like work are in fact great uses of time. An example is taking a walk to think. Be sure to schedule breaks to get up from your desk.




Your career will improve if you spend time every day trying to improve the tasks associated with your job. Practice is working at something repeatedly to become proficient. Turn practice into a daily habit. 



It is no longer sufficient to be employed. You must remain employable and continually increase your career capital, which is the sum of your experience, knowledge, network, and personality characteristics. If your career capital is high, you can cash in at any time. Successful people develop the discipline of paying in to this account every day. The best way to pay in is to build up a network of people who are loyal to you.



Do what you love to do! Productivity is a function of joy. Joy comes from making progress toward goals that matter to you. Making progress on meaningful work boosts long-term performance. Successful people figure out how to invest hours pursuing pleasure and fewer hours doing what they don’t care about.



I know there’s a lot here to digest, but allow me to leave you with an important question for consideration:

What have you done today to increase your career capital and exposure?

If you’re having trouble answering this all-important question, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your career and implement specific disciplines to improve your future. 


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Top 5 Lessons from The Compound Effect


While interning at Huddle, I became part of a book club that our CEO, Joey Thacker, formed with some employees and interns. We read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and I can honestly say this book changed my perspective on five key areas of my life.

The Compound Effect

1. The Ripple Effect

Before I dive into my other key takeaways, it’s important to understand that one small change can have a significant impact that in turn causes an unexpected and unintended ripple effect. Your choices truly become behaviors and those behaviors turn into habits.

Like anything in life, the more you practice something, the better you become. If you practice positivity you will most likely have positive results. The positive results you want to experience in your life will be the result of repetitive smart choices. If you continue to make smart choices over time, you will be a better version of yourself.

The Compound Effect boils down to one simple formula:

Small, smart choices + consistency + time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE

2. Your Choices Matter

Save Money

Hardy mentions that it’s easy to say that we own 100% of our actions and choices, but it’s another thing to truly be accountable and responsible for those choices. An area I know I’ve struggled in this summer, especially being away from my family, is tracking my spending. Each month I dread getting my credit card statement – so much so that my jaw drops every time I receive it.

Over the course of the past month, I have tracked every purchase I made in a small notebook. Very quickly that notebook became my enemy, because each time I was at Starbucks or Target, I would pull my notebook out in the check-out line. But unlike my past budget decisions, I have held myself accountable this time. And you know what, it’s worked! I’ve saved $35 this month just by dragging my notebook around with me.

I encourage you to make the choice to be accountable and responsible for each decision in your life.

3. What’s your Mojo?

What motivates you and keeps you from giving up? People are motivated either by something they want or something they don’t want. Hardy emphasizes that it’s important to identify what your mojo is so that you can figure out where you lie on this scale.

Thinking about my journey to Huddle as an Inside Sales Intern, I’ve realized that I am usually motivated by something I want. Choosing to leave my family in Tampa and move to Atlanta for the summer was a big decision. In all honesty, it was a little difficult at times. However, I did this knowing I wanted to make the best out of every moment during my time at Huddle to boost my career opportunities after graduation.

4. Momentum is Key


One of the most powerful and enigmatic forces of success is momentum. Unfortunately this means that negative habits can build up steam and send you into a tailspin of “unlucky” circumstances and consequences. However, when you gain momentum in positive ways and figure out a routine that works for you, you will steadily get closer to achieving your goals. Just make sure to keep the momentum going in a positive direction. 

5. Just Keep Swimming

 “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

Wishing away your life will get you nowhere; acting upon your wishes can lead you to the place you hope to be. Giving a little more time, energy, or thought to your efforts won’t just improve your results; it will multiply them. When I feel like I’ve maxed out all my energy and effort in everything, I try to push myself a tiny bit more to become the person I know I want to be.


The Compound Effect can help you break through to new and greater levels of success.

So remember – everything you do creates a ripple effect so every choice matters. Find your internal motivation and don’t stop pushing yourself to grow and become the person you know you can be. Your future self will thank you for taking the time to make repetitive, smart choices every day to get you where you want to be. 

When No One Notices, Is It Still Worth It?

Do you make your job all about you?

Or do you spend the 8 hours of your work day looking for ways to champion your clients?

I’m guilty of the first one.

It's really easy to spend your whole day trying to check off your to-do list and getting frustrated with clients who delay timelines and make your life “more difficult.”

Maybe we should flip that whole situation on its head.

Service with a smile doesn’t start with an external facade.

It starts with an internal motivation. You can’t serve with a genuine smile or genuine desire to see your client succeed if your motivation is to get ahead, work your way to the top, and simply check out at the end of the day after putting in 8 hours of work.

An attitude of service starts with the idea that your work matters.

Every interaction you have with a client is an opportunity – an opportunity to make their day and put your business in the forefront of their mind because you just blew them away with your gracious response.

When you go above and beyond in your client interactions, your client wins, and as a result, your company wins

If your client asks for a deadline extension because they just can’t meet that date, do you complain to your coworker and gripe about how inconsiderate they are because they’re putting your whole timeline off track? Or do you realize that they are busy too? Maybe they have something that was just put on their plate by a stressed out boss and it’s making them work overtime.

What would happen if you responded graciously with “No worries! Yes, we can extend your deadline. Does this date work better for you?”

Let's serve our clients with an attitude of gratitude.

Be grateful that your clients trust you with their business and their time. When you champion your clients, go above and beyond, and respond graciously, you just might get a “job well done” from your boss or even a promotion.

But what if no one but you knows that you treated that customer well -- will it still be worth the extra time?

If you can answer that question with a resounding yes...

You, my friend, have mastered the art of serving your client and not yourself.