Nine Reasons Your Brand Should Invest in Gen X Moms

Gen X moms have been playing second banana to millennial moms for a while now.

Gen X moms are a powerhouse group.

If you've been overlooking them, here are some reasons you should pay attention. 


1. Gen X Moms Have the Highest Rate of Brand Loyalty

Juggling a career, kids, and aging parents have put these moms in a hectic phase of life. Basically they deserve a spa, a drink and a brand to listen to them.

Not only are they likely to spend more for convenience, but once they find a brand they love, they stick with it. They have a brand loyalty rate of over 50%! 


2. Gen X Moms Use Both Traditional & New Media


Sandwiched between a generation of newspaper reading baby boomers and tweeting millennials is this transitional generation. While it may be confusing to know whether to market through a magazine ad or a sponsored Facebook post, the good news is you can do either! And should definitely utilize both.


These moms grew up in a world without internet and smart phones. But are now very tech savvy. They absorb all kinds of media and you can use that to your benefit. 


3. Gen X Moms Have The Most Spending Power

These women are in a unique phase of life. They are moms. They are homeowners. They have careers. They are beginning to save for retirement and their kids' college. They are about to be empty nesters with some new disposable income to throw around!

Their buying power is huge.

In fact, they make up 31% of consumer spending, despite being smaller in numbers than millennial moms and baby boomers. 


4. They're Most Influential in Sharing Brand Opinions

Gen X'ers love to interact with brands on social media.

It’s true, 33% of Gen X'ers consumed content posted by brands or companies on social media, and 30% are more likely to engage or click on an ad that is aimed specifically at their generation.


5. They Are Primetime in Their Income

Gen X'ers are on the cusp of taking over companies and politics from the boomers.

They hold an enormous amount of power both at home and in the workplace. Keeping that in mind, marketers should take notice. It's Gen X moms who hold the majority decision making power over many individuals in the boomer and millennial generations.


6. They Are More Likely to Notice Ads with Coupons, Sales, Discounts, and Promotions Than Other Moms.

Gen X moms have a lot to budget for and boy do they love their coupons!


In fact, they make up 43% of the online shoppers who subscribe to daily deal sites. The brands that have mastered marketing to Gen X moms know a foolproof way to target these moms is through coupons in email marketing.  

7. Gen X Moms Are Smart

Do just a little bit of research on Gen X moms and you'll find an underlying theme. They are an independent, self-reliant, no-fluff kind of group.

They know value and appreciate honesty. They do their research and don't give away trust too easily. Linda Gangeri, manager of national advertising for Volvo says, "You can make any claim you want with Gen X, but you have to be completely genuine, relevant and transparent because they will check it out. And if it's not true, they will let you know and let everyone else know." For these moms, value is key! 

Make their lives easier and you may just have their business for life. 

8. They Need Help Even Though They're Supermoms 

These moms are spending way more time with their own kids than their mothers spent with them. They're starting businesses, buying houses, rearing children, and well, being supermom in general.

A recent study found that Gen X moms now have only 54 minutes a day to themselves. They need you to help them. Make your message simple. If you can add value and turn that 54 minutes into an hour, you'll become invaluable. 


9. Gen X Moms Are The Sweet Spot For Your Brand 

One brand that has tapped into this demographic's potential is Volkswagen. Charlie Taylor, general manager of VW's digital marketing even referred to these Gen X'ers as the "sweet spot." He suggests a multi-channel approach to engage with them using mobile, online video and social media. But he advises, "It's more than just thinking about the channels, but the right content for this target and surrounding the target through multiple touch points."



"X" Marks The Spot

Do you need to look at your strategy to reach Generation X moms? 

There is real treasure in Gen X. Fight to discover authentic ways to connect with this audience.

We hope this helps you recognize how your brand can win this demographic's attention.