10 Things Happy People Do Differently - Disciplines to Change Your Days

Happiness is an interesting topic. Everyone wants it. Many can’t find it. And few are willing to make an effort to work toward it.

Lots of people suffer from “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome. Do you know anyone who has this unfortunate condition? You can diagnose it when you hear statements like:


I’ll be happy when...

  • I make more money
  • I have less responsibility
  • I get a different job
  • I move into a new house
  • I retire
  • I have more friends


These types of statements treat happiness as if it’s a destination. But, here’s the truth. Happiness is not a destination. It’s a continuous state of mind that you’re solely responsible for in your life. That’s right. You control it. No one else does.


Happiness is not a destination, but a continuous state of mind that only you are responsible for.

So, Do You Want to be Happy? 

If you do truly want happiness, here are the habits and disciplines you can begin implementing today to make happiness a reality in your life.


10 Things Happy People Do Differently


1. Express gratitude

2. Cultivate optimism

3. Avoid overthinking and social comparison

4. Practice acts of kindness

5. Nurture social relationships

6. Learn to forgive

7. Savor life’s joys

8. Commit to your goals

9. Practice spirituality

10. Take care of your body


In reading down the list these simple actions may not be the life-changing list you came looking for, but if you can begin implementing more of these habits everyday you will certainly see the reward.

Maybe focus on one that seems to be an area of weakness first.

Hope your day is full of happiness.