15 Uncommon Insights on Uncommon Character

Do you know anyone who displays uncommon character? How do they behave? And how do they make you feel when you’re around them?

In his book, Uncommon, Tony Dungy shares powerful insights on living a life of character. Dungy also addresses how you can live a life of significance.


Let’s look at 15 uncommon insights
on how you can live a life of
uncommon character and significance.


1. What you do is not as important as how you do it.

2. Character is made in small moments.


3. Character reflects an inner life committed
to honor and uncompromising integrity.

4. Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.


5. It’s sometimes easier to do the wrong thing,
but it’s always better to do the right thing.

6. Be present and speak kind, encouraging words.


7. You either have integrity or you don’t.

8. You are always being watched. Make your actions count.


9. Show a sincere interest in other people.

10. Don’t relish conflict, but don’t fear it. Conflict is best seen as an opportunity to understand our differences.


11. Focus your thoughts on where you want to go.


12. There is no safe path through life.
You make decisions with the best information you have.


13. Your career is not you and it does not define you.


14. Putting others first is an important part of
being an uncommon person.

15. Success should be measured by the lives you’ve changed.


So whether you work in the corporate world or are one of our great high school partners, be sure to embrace this list of uncommon insights.

If you do, you’ll be on the road to uncommon character and significance!