2 Words That Will Make Your Business Unforgettable

"Thank you."

Some of you will read those simple words and close this page in disappointment that there wasn't more of a wild secret to be revealed.

But, how you say thank you is essential to your success.

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The Brain Is A Funny Thing - Understand It And Your Thank-Yous Will Make A BIGGER Impression.


This may sound strange, but the alphabet is relatively new in terms of human language.

Basic language has existed for more than 1.75 billion years. But even earliest written languages relied on a core of images rather than using letters to form words.

Today's alphabet triggers unique areas of activity in the brain.

Your brain interprets each letter of a word as a physical object when it is written on paper. 

The same neurons of your brain that remember (or forget) where you last placed your car keys are the same regions that fire off as you read and recall a physically written letter.


Want proof?


Think of a time when you were trying to find a passage from a book.

Can you remember where on the page the words appeared, or what side of the book the text was read? It's almost as if you're moving through a cabinet of items as you're turning through pages. This is because your brain remembers the letters and words as if they were real objects.

Your brain categorizes what you read as tactful objects. They are filed and sorted.

But, The brain's activity when reading physical text isn't true in digital form. this is where it gets interesting...

Text on a webpage or email doesn't activate the same brain neurons.

The text is no longer interpreted as physical objects. It's just a means to an end. Online text generates no deeper connection. It's not stored (i.e. not remembered). 



A thank you email can communicate a sentiment of gratitude, but lacks deeper connection and won't be remembered nearly the same way as written letters or cards.

(SIDE NOTE: In similar fashion, an apology through email accomplishes very little in the recipient's brain. The "harmed" party must hear pain and discomfort in a voice for empathy neurons to trigger in their brain.)


To make it simple: if you want to make a meaningful connection you have to print it out and send it.



Here's How To Make Your Thank You Notes Unforgettable - 3 Tips To Start Today


1. Write Your Thank You Notes Immediately

Email is immediate and convenient. 

It's time you get over it.

Develop a habit of writing your thank you notes as soon as possible. You can overcome the excuses of a busy schedule. I keep thank you notes and postage in my car's glovebox. Find something that works for you to overcome the inconvenience.

Build the practice. Don't delay any more.


2. Say "Thank You" An Uncomfortable Amount of Times

Start your message saying thank you. Say thank you again. And be sure to close it with a strong thank you.

I'm not asking for a sentence that reads, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

But don't give into the temptation to sell your product or promote yourself. If you show your hand with an ulterior motive to manipulate the emotions of your recipient, all efforts will be lost.

Remember: Your goal is to be thankful and express gratitude.

This isn't a sales strategy, although when you see its effectiveness, you may begin to believe it is.



3. Order Custom Thank You Notes - Embrace The Habit

This is an investment in your future and a way you can keep yourself accountable to follow through with this practice.

Expressing thanks in today's fast-paced, entitled society isn't exactly a cultural trend. You will certainly stand out by writing any note, but why not go a step further?

Huddle prints custom thank you notes as a company every year.

You need to order thank you notes that are true to your brand.



Thanks For Your Time

There are a lot of things begging to be read as you scroll through emails and various feeds. Thank you for choosing this page. We wrote it to help you.

Beginning to say "thank you" can help your business become unforgettable.

Plus, special thanks to everyone who found the blog from our bi-weekly marketing emails with advice and tips to help top marketers stay ahead in the industry. You guys are the best!

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