2018 Customer Experience Trends

Consumers have always been looking for easy.

Easy way to consume information.
Easy way to shop.
Easy way to get directions.


What has been lost in a digital age is a personal connection on the other end. People don’t greet their mailman or have store owners who know what they want in a new wardrobe. They certainly don’t ask the friendly gas station clerk how to get from point A to B. But people still need to be heard, understood, helped and valued.

Be encouraged! There is a new day in business. Customer experience is being moved where it should be – the forefront. Companies are actively watching the Zappos, Chick-fil-A and Amazons of the world succeed by stepping into the shoes of their customers and providing them an amazing experience.


Here are some things to expect from CX in 2018:


Customers Are Smart


Reviews are a click away. There has never been a commerce culture so heavily affected by a limitless referral network. Companies realize they don’t have multiple chances to prove themselves and will need to invest in resources to deliver above and beyond what their consumers expect.


Make It Easy


We said it’s all about “easy,” right? There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and how easy it is to use your service or purchase your product. We recently saw this in a survey of our B2C fan base. The exact percentage of respondents who rated their purchase experience as “extremely easy” also were also identified as NPS “Promoters”.      


Less Is More


It’s great that more companies are hungry for the voice of the customer, but drowning consumers in a lengthy survey or flooding them with feedback requests will cause survey fatigue and may even cause opt-outs to. Ask efficiently and timely about areas where you’re able and ready to take action.


More Maps, Please


Customer journey mapping is a key process to stepping in the shoes of your consumer base to see how they experience your goods or services. This will no longer affect only the customer service department. In 2018 these maps will better serve the organization as a whole if companies choose to build strategies around key journey touch points rather than by silo processes.


About Those Feelings


In business it can be a bit odd to discuss the feelings behind why we purchase or engage with businesses. Heads up! Every transaction involves an emotion and leading CX efforts must include listening to these feelings and reporting them to your entire company.

“Making customers feel listened-to will remind society that, behind every one of the trillions of transactions that make up our economy, sits a person — a friend, a neighbor — who deserves to be treated as such.” ­ - Max Israel, Founder and CEO of Customerville

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