3 BIG Mistakes Brands Make Marketing to Moms

Marketing professionals spend hours researching the economic power of moms, creating a strategy to connect with them, and then, sadly, find a way to let one of these HUGE, PAINFUL MISTAKES make it all worth not.


But not you. You’re going to avoid these marketing blunders.


The mom market is the most coveted demographic for brands planning the next 10 - 20 years. These tips on what NOT to do when marketing to moms will better your efforts in capturing the affection of this $2.4 trillion market.



The 3 BIG Mistakes Brands Make When Marketing to Moms


1. MISTAKE: Your Brand Fails to Offer Moms An Experience


To convince the modern mom market to purchase your product or service, they need marketers to be involved WITH them and not just advertise TO them.

Your brand must find a way to interact with moms through extending their campaigns to include print media elements, digital assets or product sampling.


Experiences convert clients over pitches.

Here are a few things that DO NOT count as a meaningful experience:

  • Hanging a banner up at an event.
  • Relying on online re-marketing strategies.
  • Providing a sample without a call-to-action strategy.

See how Clif Bar & Company reinvented the product-sampling model to reach their target audience, firefighters. >>


2. MISTAKE: Your Brand Stereotypes Women, Especially Moms


This is marketing 101. And it applies to not only moms but also every demographic. Don’t stereotype people.

Soccer moms? Wired moms? Helicopter moms? They are REAL WOMEN with REAL DESIRES. Celebrate their individuality. Don’t highlight their insecurities. Sympathize with their difficulties.

Stereotypes only distance your brand’s product/service from your true audience and eliminate an opportunity to meaningfully connect with them. Don’t be lazy in your advertising. Success won’t be found in perpetuating a stereotype.

Who did this well? Look at campaigns by Dove, Oreo, Cheerios and Luvs – just to name a few.


Dove grew from $2.5 billion to $4 billion since the launch of their “Real Beauty” campaign. This growth in sales comes as no surprise given that 52% of respondents in a recent SheKnows study had purchased a product because they liked the way that the ads portrayed women.



3. MISTAKE: Your Brand Needs to Stop Marketing to Moms Through A Male POV


How many of your marketing strategies have started from a female perspective?

Have any women/moms contributed their thoughts to your marketing ideas? 

Don’t assume you know your audience. Avoid the common downfalls of not fully understanding your audience’s perspective and find a way to gain input at the beginning of your vision.

Moms don’t want to be sold through gimmicks and pitches, but someone has to care to ask first. Be the brand that asks moms what matters to them and how they want to hear from you.


Nothing Is Better Than Momma’s Love

The brand that wins motherly affection will find success. Moms are looking for a brand that understands them and is deserving of their trust.

The “moms market” contains an estimated 82.5 million women in the U.S. and may be the most valuable economic market to reach.  

Next time you are marketing to moms, remember to:

  • Deliver an experience
  • Avoid stereotypes
  • Seek female/motherly input