3 Easy Ways to Market to Parents of High School Students

Marketing to parents of high school students
feels tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

Parents are incredibly busy and have little time to waste on things that aren’t immediately relevant or important to them.

Effective marketing programs targeting parents of high school students should be focused on the one thing that is completely relevant and important to them – their children.


There are 14.9 million high school students in the U.S. Families spend $117.6 billion dollars annually on their teen children, including food, apparel, personal care and entertainment.

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So how can your brand better connect with parents of high school students and secure a bigger slice of this gigantic financial pie?

The answer is simple.

Create dynamic marketing platforms that get inside the walls of high schools and connect with the students.

If you show love and respect for the students, the parents of these high school students will show love and respect for your brand


Here are three dynamic marketing platforms Huddle has created for brands to use in reaching high school students.

Take a look at each of the platforms and think about how your brand can create something amazing to serve this audience.

Graduation Platform


Huddle discovered high school guidance counselors were starving for tools to engage their at-risk students, and the guidance counselors also wanted to boost academic performance.

A major Fortune 500 brand wanted to connect with this audience to drive traffic to their stores while creating meaningful relationships in their local communities.

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Based on being able to meet the needs of the high schools, students, and the sponsoring brand, Huddle created and activated a graduation program.

The graduation program enabled the brand to target at-risk students who were in danger of not graduating high school. It also gave school administration the tools they so desperately needed to get students excited about their future after high school.


A marketing kit was provided to high schools to help them promote the program. Items contained in the kit included countdown-to-graduation clocks, notebooks, tee shirts, posters and pledge cards. Students who pledged to graduate also received a free menu item.


The program challenged competition between schools and motivated young people to stay focused on their education.

And the results were massive.

At the start of the program, 100 participating high schools had results of over 8,700 students who pledged and school influencers reported 95% positive effect on students.

The program then grew to 42 markets, reaching over 2,000 high schools and over 2 million teens. And over 77,000 students pledged to graduate!

The brand watched the program empower high schools. The students loved it, and the parents of high school students loved it because of the investment and encouragement made in the lives of their children.


Pledge for Your Future

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An official National Football League™ sponsor worked with Huddle to leverage its endorsement of a Seattle Seahawks’ player. The sponsor wanted to educate students on the importance of graduation and inspire them to do more.

The sponsor provided schools with a player cutout, posters, and digital marketing support to promote the campaign. The pledges were collected through a customized, branded website.

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The Pledge for Your Future campaign received over 32,000 online pledges from 170 high schools in Seattle. The winning school received $5,000 and a visit from the player. And five runner-up schools each received $1,000.

The parents of high school students were also inspired by the campaign, prompting them to encourage their children to dream big dreams!


Thank You Mom

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A large restaurant chain worked with Huddle to engage 844 high school booster clubs across the U.S. Each restaurant was paired with a local high school to coordinate a catering fundraising event.

Participating schools submitted a catering form with their requested catering event date. Huddle then communicated this information to the restaurant general manager.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.35.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.22.28 AM.png

Each restaurant delivered two free 100-person catering events to be used by the school in the fall and spring. 

Athletic directors at the high schools also received “thank you mom” cards to be distributed to the moms of the athletes. The cards included a thank you message and a $10 off $30 coupon.

Additional marketing support of this marketing platform included game meal passes, program playbooks, and banners.

Huddle made each of the sponsoring brands look and feel like heroes in their local communities.


Do you want to be a hero in the communities you serve?

Just let us know how we can serve you. We’re here for you!


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