3 Tips To Maximizing Your Sales With Huddle Tickets

We love when our partners succeed. To be sure you're added to the list of brands who love Huddle Tickets, we put together some tips we've learned over the past 16 years to maximize your impact.

It's time to squeeze every dollar out of Huddle Tickets and watch your sales skyrocket!


Tip # 1 - Nail Your Offer


The most important key to increasing sales is to provide a strong offer. How compelling is your offer? Will it prompt action? 

Real Examples. Real Partners. Real Results. 


Successful Offer #1: 

A  casual dining partner offered $3 off $10 in multiple markets and generated more than $5 million dollars in sales.

Successful Offer #2: 

A quick service restaurant partner offered a BOGO to fans and saw an amazing 10.6% redemption and served over 742,000 customers in response.

Successful Offer #3: 

A sports retailer drove more than $3 million in a single market by offering $10 off $50.


BUT Hey, Sometimes your offer can hurt...

It is possible an offer can be too good. A partner used Huddle Tickets  to promote an offer with no minimum purchase. The client saw nearly $2 million in sales... which is typically good thing.

However without a minimum purchase requirement, the margin loss took a toll because of the extreme coupon redemption. 



Tip # 2 - Stand Out With Captivating Artwork


Your Huddle Tickets artwork is almost as important as the offer itself. 

Ask yourself, "What is the ONE thing I want someone to do with my coupon?" Make that unmistakably clear. 

Too many partners attempt to gain social media followers, highlight a new product and drive traffic at the same time. Simplify. Someone should be able to glance at your Huddle Tickets offer and get it.



How can a paper ticket stay relevant all year with fresh new offers?

One of our awesome partners promoted an SMS texting campaign* to send coupons to fans' phones. Data capture? Check. Bi-weekly coupons? Check. Drive traffic to local stores? Check.

What a great idea by a long-term QSR partner!

*Offer not pictured to protect client's identity.

Tip # 3 - Build Sneaky, Strong Relationships


Like most things in life, it’s all about great relationships.

Huddle Tickets are proven to help brands drive revenue, and over the years we've developed extensions to deeper invest into key communities to benefit your brand.


Potential Extensions of Huddle Tickets:

  • Host A Catering Night - A restaurant partner chose to gift schools a catering night for each semester to bring teams, fans, boosters, and the local community together!
  • Meet A Real Need - What is your company known for? An automotive partner could offer a discount parts program for the school’s fleet of vehicles.
  • Serve Local Families - Huddle can help you craft a strategy to meet needs at home. Sometimes these can be educational, nutritional or another solution, but it has to pair with a message that resonates with a school.


Our team can handle all of the communication and logistics to ensure any extension you envision is possible and successful.


Brands Succeed With Huddle Tickets

Success with Huddle Tickets is really that simple.

And, want to know a secret? We want you to succeed just as much as you do. Your success only helps us to continue growing the program and serving more schools across the country. 

There are so many great stories to share! But, here's a favorite:

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