4 Tips to Ensure Your Brand Is Successful in Marketing to Moms

Scroll through your Facebook feed and count how many baby pictures you see. Moms aren’t quiet on social media and they certainly are not quiet in the marketplace.


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The “moms market” contains an estimated 82.5 million moms in the U.S. and may be the most valuable economic market to hold. Congratulations are in order to the heavyweight (dangerous word choice when talking about women) title of “Most Significant Economic Force.”

Just how powerful are moms? Take a look at some incredible statistics below.


The Purchasing Power of Moms:

  • Moms represent a $2.4 trillion dollar market.
  • By 2028, the average American woman is expected to earn more than the average American man.
  • Women account for 85% of ALL consumer purchases.
  • Women make 80% of healthcare decisions and 68% of new car purchasing decisions.
  • 75% of women identify themselves as the primary shoppers for their household.
  • 81% of moms are more likely to engage if they earn rewards points.


The Online Influence of @Moms:

  • 77% of mom bloggers only write about products/brands whose reputations they approve.
  • 74% of moms have purchased products as a result of a promotion or mention in a blog.
  • Half of all moms are considered to be “early adopters”, and one in three has a household income of $75,000 or more.
  • 84% of moms go online when looking for product/brand recommendations.
  • 89% of household moms use the internet at least twice a day.

A break from statistics, to watch a commercial about moms that ALWAYS makes my wife cry:


If Momma Ain't Happy…


Moms’ opinion of your brand has the power to completely alter the trajectory of your company. It couldn’t be clearer that your brand needs to authentically connect with moms.

How are you feeling about your brand? Good? Overwhelmed? Are you about to cry for ....um... mommy?

So, how do you persuade moms to fall in love with your brand? Moms, like all of today’s consumers, are searching for a brand they can trust and one that feels “human”.  If your brand were a human, how would it survive in a mom’s book club?


If your brand were human, how would it survive in a mom's book club? 



Four Essentials to Reaching Moms


1. Showcase That Your Brand Cares (Or maybe, start to care)


93% of moms are likely to switch brands as a result of cause marketing. Your brand can support a worthy cause or support something moms care about, but you must be giving of yourself in some way.

Moms are kind of famous for being selfless, so watch and learn what they spend their time doing and follow their lead.


2. Actively Manage Your Online Presence


Receive a good review? Comment back. Receive a negative review? Comment back.

66% of moms view social networks as a source of information – your seemingly unnoticed comments may be the needed piece of research to choose your brand or a competitor.


3. Give Moms Something To Talk About


If moms are going to take to social sites or blogs, and recommend brands/products to their peers, think about something worth talking about. How can you offer something unique?

Think simple - this does not have to be complicated.


4. Test and Listen, Then Test Again.


Don’t be afraid to try something new. Test the market, and listen to what feedback you receive. There are 4 million new moms annually, and 40% of those are first-time mothers. The market is constantly changing.

Test what works best for your brand.


Never stop testing and you will never stop growing.
— David Ogilvy