4 Ways To Reevaluate Your Client Gifting

Starbucks gift cards, Christmas chocolates, a monogrammed blanket with corporate insignia, court-side seats side by side with your BFF client for the big game... 

Stop it. Truly. Stop it. 

Today is a new day. It's time to stretch yourself and give your clients an unparalleled gifting experience. An experience that serves them, not you. An experience that leaves you top of mind without being the center of attention. An experience that leaves efficiencies at the door to make your customers feel loved and appreciated. 


Apply these 4 simple filters before purchasing gifts for your customers.

Strengthen relationships to friendships and create loyal customers. 


1. No one wants your logo on their stuff. 

Previously companies were hamstrung thinking that if their logo wasn't on the client's gift, the client would forget who gave it to them. Sure they'll forget, if your gift sucks. No one wants your logo on their gear. Unique gifts personalized to the client will never be forgotten; neither will you. 

2. Give up your seat. 

Courtside seats are a dream and everyone wants in at the latest restaurant, but do they want to go with you? Probably not. Consider sending those tickets for the client to treat their spouse or child(ren) to the big game or the steak dinner. 

3. Rise above the clutter. 

When is everyone else sending their client a gift? That's exactly when you shouldn't. There is nothing unique about a Christmas gift in December. Receiving a wedding anniversary present in April sticks. They won't call you Scrooge, promise. 

4. Get those digits. 

Personal gifts require personal info. Dive in with your clients. Know their spouse's name, their initials, their child's favorite Disney character. Leave clients in expectance. Leave yourself armed for extraordinary gifting. 


In a digital age, people are starved for intentional interactions and personal connections.


Create your strategic gifting plan today. Serve your neighbor. Serve your client.