5 Best Blogs About Mom

"If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." 

Ever heard that saying? Making mama happy drives a lot of what we do here at Huddle. If that doesn’t shape the way your business markets too, well, it should. Considering moms are the driving force for 80% of purchasing decisions, smart marketers take that saying to heart.


Mom blogs do really well for one reason that can be summed up in one word. You ready? Ok, here it is: Relatable. These mommy bloggers are real and as a general rule, transparent. Which makes them trustworthy. According to a survey by BlogHer, Inc., a network and publisher for women, 90% of mothers polled trusted the recommendations of "mommy bloggers.”


Here are the 5 best blogs about mom:


Love Taza is a perfect example of our magic word, relatable. You don’t have to be a mom to get why this mommy blog is so popular. The way Taza (real name Naomi) lets you glimpse into her kitchen with her kids, her drool-worthy lunches with girlfriends, her sweet dates with her husband, makes her feel like just one of your gal pals. Her transparency makes you want to say “Yes, girl. Me too,” and then go out and buy whatever sweater she’s wearing because she somehow makes taking care of a sick kid look chic. A recommendation from her is as close to a recommendation from a best friend as you could get.

Kristin Quinn, author of Misadventures in Mommyhood, is the living the American momtrepreneur dream. She is one busy woman. Her website says, “Kristin is available for events, video production, in-store coverage, product seedings, consulting, research, twitter parties, brand ambassadorships, and more.” Her website boasts a long list of big name brand she’s partnered with. One peek over at the sidebar confirms just how many endorse this mom.  It’s obvious why every company would dream to see its logo on her page. 

A Cup of Jo discusses everything from style and food, to design and travel and of course, motherhood. Joanna Goddard has 90,000 followers on Instagram alone. A quick scan of the comments proves just how easily her audiences engages with her. Talk about being an influencer! It’s easy to see why. The first blog on her website had me clicking the “read more” button in under a minute. It’s no wonder moms take her advice.

A Bit of Momsense is the melting pot of all mom blogs. Rebecca covers a little bit of everything. The things that marketers might find most helpful is her advice to those just starting out blogging, in small business etc. Her on headlines, interesting and relevant topics, and tips give a rare glimpse into the mind of the mommy bloggers.

Honest Mum is home to a British mommy blogger turned mommy-business woman. She now has her own lifestyle magazine based on the empire she’s built. She’s currently developing “projects for the screen” and writing her own book. She now has celebrity friends and had her kids cook with Jamie Oliver. What?!


These bloggers have three things in common:


1.     They are relatable.

2.     They are influencers.

3.     They are momtrepreneurs.


Pay attention to these moms.

It just may majorly pay off for your brand.