5 Misconceptions about High School Marketing

There are a lot of reasons corporate decision makers think high school marketing isn’t right for them. These reasons often stem from previous failed attempts at marketing in the high school space.

The purpose of high school marketing is to implement a strategy that raises awareness in the local community and persuades people to do business with you. It’s about making the cash register ring!  

Huddle helps brands drive sales and build dominant brand awareness by forming successful partnerships in high schools across the country. We’ve found some brands don’t see the importance of marketing in the high school space, so we’re here to dispel some misconceptions.


Here are five common
high school marketing misconceptions:


1. High school marketing is just your logo on a banner.

High school marketing is all about promoting your brand in a space that is meaningful and allows you to reach thousands of customers who are loyal to their community.


Think of a school contest or challenge, themed nights at your business, graduation incentive programs, or traffic driving coupons on event tickets.


2. School partnerships are a waste of money.

When this thought comes to mind, you’re effectively saying your service or product is a waste of money. Think about it. You want to grow your business, but you’re not willing to invest in marketing to the very people who are your customers and potential customers.


Instead of purchasing a giant billboard on a highway, try creating a campaign where the winning teams and fans of high schools in your markets receive a discount or promotional item that drives those patrons to your business. Everyone wants to brag on their winning team, and your brand should be a part of the excitement!


3. I can’t make a return on my investment all year long.

Yes, school is not in session all year long, but school events are year-round. Schools are constantly hosting tournaments, competitions and camps throughout the calendar year that can expose your brand to an even greater audience.


Think about the possibilities for your brand when
the sheer volume of 25,000 schools and 394 million fans
across the nation are considered.

There are so many marketing opportunities out there. Some can provide fast results, while others are more of a slow burn. But high school marketing will help you get meaningful results and build brand loyalty.


4. Marketing to high schools is easy.

Marketing in the high school space, and doing it well, requires a high level of trust from the school. Schools want to know that brands interested in partnerships are aware of the needs within the school.


We’ve helped brands establish schools’ trust by implementing programs that work. Programs that create excitement for the school while driving sales for the brand. At Huddle, we want our brands to look good to the school and feel good about the partnerships they’ve formed.


5. I just want to put a little bit of money towards
marketing until I see results, then I’ll invest more.

We’re not trying to be the bearer of bad news, but marketing is an investment in yourself and your business. Would you hire a personal trainer and say I’ll workout with you once every other week, and once I start seeing results, I’ll workout with you more?

working out.gif

When it comes to high school marketing, it’s important to strike a balance between what you can invest and how many schools and fans you can reach with that investment.

The larger the investment, the larger the reach,
and the higher the return overall!

If any of these misconceptions have crossed your mind, we hope you feel more confident in your brand being successful in the high school space.


High school marketing will help you
reach the right audience at the right time.

And with the right approach,
you’ll see massive results.