5 Questions The Most-Driven Professionals Are Willing to Ask Themselves

Think of Your Last Significant Thought


Great questions can’t be answered quickly. Here’s an example:


What do you want your legacy to be?    


You can’t just answer that question without meaningful thought. The question itself demands time for reflection and contemplation before providing a response.


Most people are looking for answers in life, but the struggle is that they aren’t asking the right questions. Instead of searching for answers, people need to invest more time in searching for the right questions because only then will the illumination appear that leads to clarity.


With thoughtful consideration, these five questions will fuel your professional growth.


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Instead of searching for the right answers, search for the right questions.


5 Career-Propelling Questions


1. If your employer fired you today, what type of person would they hire to replace you? That’s the type of person you need to become. 



2. Which of your skills will be out-of-date in a year? Free or cost-effective continuing education is generally available, so make certain to take advantage of it. 


3. Professionally speaking, what scares you most? Maybe that’s where you need to start focusing your attention.

4. Why are you so concerned about what other people think of you? This type of person is often risk-adverse, which stifles growth.


5.    What prevents you from making the changes you know you need to make to become better in your career? And remember, no excuses.   



It’s my sincere hope you’ll schedule adequate time to thoughtfully consider your answers to these questions. And then the process will become even more challenging because you’ll need to act on your answers.


Growth is painful, but it’s so worth it. Good luck on your growth journey.  


It's At Least Worth Asking


If you took some time to thoughtfully answer each question, and then take action, your career would receive a much-needed energy boost that moves you forward to greater achievements.


So, what will you do next?