7 Charming Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Are you reaching the heart of your business this Valentine’s Day? Our customers are the reason for our existence in any industry. So how can we show them some love?

A January 2018 poll found that 45% of respondents don’t plan to buy a gift for their loved one, yet 19 billion dollars is spent on Valentine’s Day each year. Many of these consumers will shop online exclusively for Valentine’s Day. This means online advertising that focuses on Valentine’s Day would be beneficial, ecommerce stores and local business.



Position your business as a destination for Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations with these
heart throbbing marketing ideas:


1. Charm Your Audience in Your Email Marketing

email campaign.png

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to captivate your customers with a themed email marketing campaign.

Start with an irresistible subject line like, “We’re in love with these hot February deals”, or “Valentine’s Day treats for you and yours”. Hint at the actual contents of your email, but be clear about any special offers. Try including emoji’s in your email subject line where appropriate as emojis have been shown to positively increase open rates. Always keep in mind the content of your email should be appealing enough to drive customers to your website.

2. Run a Campaign of Themed Polls on Social Media

instagram polls.jpg

TwitterSnapchatFacebook, and Instagram all support polls, and these are a fun way to drive engagement with your audience. Aside from Twitter, they can be visual, and your audience doesn’t need to do anything aside from selecting one of two options.

Make it more relevant to your business by including some of your products in the polls: feature two of your products and ask the audience which they are more likely to give as a gift. A clothing retailer could show two outfits and ask their audience which they would most likely wear on a date. Keep the tone fun , and take full advantage of the visual aspect of polls.


3. Use Hashtags


Hashtag campaigns drive engagement and brand awareness. Although they don’t always include the brand, it’s important that it becomes associated with a brand. Find a way for your brand to “own” the hashtag.

Be sure to choose a unique and memorable hashtag for your campaign, and create enough of your own content to post in the beginning to spark interest and generate awareness. Offering a prize for the best piece of user-generated content will also help generate interest and encourage engagement.


4. Send Your Customers a Valentine’s Day Card

valentines card.jpg

The most traditional aspect of Valentine’s Day is sending a card to the object of your affection. Keep this tradition going by sending cards to customers in your email marketing list. After all, they are the object of your affection: you love them for choosing your business, for supporting your business.

Don’t be tempted into using this as an opportunity to sell them something. Keep it informal with a message like “Customers like you are the HEART of our business!”. Maybe encourage them to continue supporting your business, is include a special offer with the card.

heart of business.jpg

Your offer could be a voucher they redeem next time they shop, or a unique promo code to apply at checkout online. Don’t be too restrictive with the terms and conditions of the offer.


5. Adapt Your Mobile Push Notifications for Valentine’s Day

push noticfications.jpg

Does your business have a mobile app? Do you regularly send push notifications to users of the app?

Push notifications can be annoying at times, but if you’ve already found the perfect strategy where your notifications aren’t annoying, actually get opened, and convert, you can probably find a way to carry this through to Valentine’s Day marketing.

Avoid sending out more notifications than you usually do, but instead look at how you can adapt your wording and special offers to be more romantic and thematic. Restaurants could remind users to make a Valentine’s Day reservation, florists could announce cut-off dates and times for Valentine’s Day deliveries, and ecommerce stores could link directly to their Valentine’s Day gift guide.


6. Pin Your Heart to a Local Charity

social responsibility.jpg

Adding a bit of social responsibility is a good fit for any business, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to show that you care. Here are ways your business can demonstrate social responsibility:

  • Restaurants can sponsor and host a themed lunch or dinner and donate a percentage of each bill to a local charity.

  • Online retailers can ask customers to add a donation to a deserving cause before checkout. Your business should market a donation match from each customer so the customer isn’t doing all of the social responsibility.

  • You could raise funds by selling a product that is exclusive to Valentine’s Day. Ensure that 100% of the proceeds from selling these items goes back to the non-profit organization.

  • Provide a local school with arts and crafts supplies, and ask them to make Valentine’s Day cards to send to service personnel in the army or local hospitals.

  • Any acts of social responsibility are a great way to be remembered and will generate brand awareness. Maybe even the local press decides to cover your charitable behavior?

heart pin.jpg


7. Partner with Another Small Business

small business partner.jpg

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is good for business, but it means you are fighting against other businesses for a limited number of customers and their wallets. And many of these businesses aren’t even direct competitors to you. Pair up with another small business in your town where you don’t only get to double your reach, but you both benefit from a shared Valentine’s Day offer.

Nail salons can pair with hair salons, florists with local bakers or sweet shops; think complementary, but not direct competition. You can either promote each other’s products, offer gift packages that combine each of your products, or put together a combined gift guide. What works best will depend on both your business, and the business you partner with. The idea might seem a little strange, but it can work wonderfully in smaller locations.

Try any of these charming suggestions for your customers and see how much love you’ll get in return. After all, the customer is the heart of your business.

Show them some love!