7 Ways An Internship Makes You More Awesome (As Told By Spongebob)

Maybe you've never considered it, but the right internship can make a huge difference.

Experience is everything.

It can take your resume from good to AWESOME.

An internship doesn't just look good on your resume, it gives you the opportunity to test the waters of your career path and gain confidence before taking the plunge. 


Bottom line, an internship sets you up for success. 


You'll get the opportunity to: 

1. Hone your skills.  

An internship will give you the chance to take those skills you learned in school and put them to good use. Even if your internship isn't necessarily focusing on your greatest attributes, it will still help you become a well-rounded candidate for future jobs.   

2. Figure out your area of interest.

Chances are you aren't exactly sure what you want to specialize in. Even if you think you do,

an internship opens your world up to new possibilities that you may not have thought about.

This is your time to try new things. Ask if you can work with or shadow someone within the company whose job interests you most. 


3. Network your worth. 

As an intern, you have a sense of needing to prove yourself. You need to be hungrier as an intern than a normal employee. You'll be able to build confidence and not only meet, but work with people inside the industry while stretching your creative wings.


4. Gain experience. 

Do a quick job search and you'll quickly find the one thing almost every job wants you to have. Experience. The experience you gain from an internship is invaluable. It allows you to learn hands-on, in a way the classroom can't always provide.  

This is your time to experiment without pressure of failure.

You'll be able to have guidance and experience working with different bosses and different team members.

5. Learn to balance deadlines & work schedule.

Balancing a school schedule and assignment deadlines is a little different than having the pressures of work schedules and deadlines. You'll have people counting on you to follow through. The best way to learn how to do something is by doing it. 


6. Test the waters with transparency. 

An internship allows you to be open to others' ideas and to be creative in a team. A typical internship normally lasts 3-6 months.

That's just enough time to really get your feet wet.

That amount of time also gives you the chance to learn candidly about how employees feel about their job and the industry. 

7. Better demonstrate the depth of your passion and dedication. 

In this workforce, you can't afford not to take an opportunity that sets you apart. Your desire to learn through work experience in addition to schooling demonstrates that you are a go-getter. 


You're well on your way to standing out among your peers. Now go get that dream internship! 


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