9 Brain Science Observations That Will Immediately Improve Your Marketing

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a MarketingProfs seminar lead by Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media.

Andy shared some interesting nuggets tied specifically to brain science and web marketing. Here are some of the fun things I learned or was reminded of that may also be of value to you.


9 Brain Science Truths and Other Takeaways from a Great Seminar


1. List order is all about the beginning and the end, not the middle.

Readers tend to look at items presented early in a list and late in a list, but largely ignore the middle of a list. So, I don’t guess you’ll be paying much attention to numbers 3-7!


2. Testimonials = Social Proof.

“When you say it, it’s marketing. When they say it, it’s social proof.” – Author Unknown


3. Visit NativeAdvertising.com to see all of the top-rated native ads.


4. Eliminate jargon in your copy.

Keep your words simple and few.

5. Pictures = Persuasion.

Show pictures and lots of them.


6. Use Odd Numbers in Headlines.

Odd numbers are more powerful than even numbers. (There’s a reason this list has nine items)


7. Check out this FREE headline analyzer tool for better headlines.


8. We’re hard-wired to look at faces.

So let’s see more smiling mugs.


9. Video is much more powerful than text.

Use it at every opportunity.


There you have it - Brain Secrets to Produce Better Marketing


I’m hoping you can take just one of these, apply it, and get better.