An Easy How-To For The Lazy Healthcare Marketer

It was early in the morning as I walked up the sidewalk. I opened the front door not knowing what to expect. The warm, familiar smell of fresh baked cookies greeted me before I could even get both feet inside. I began to scan the room and was interrupted by the sound of a cheerful “Good morning!” and a kind smile from an equally kind woman. She said they’d been expecting me.


I’m going to pause here and ask if you can tell from that short description where I was.

Any guesses?

Believe it or not, I was at a new dentist’s office.

The entire customer experience was pleasant and, as you can tell, memorable.

So how can you capture that pleasant experience to make it standardized and seamless from your website, to your mobile media, to face-to-face interaction?

Healthcare marketing is just beginning to catch up to the rest of the marketing world, but in reality, they are still behind.

Let’s start to bridge that gap!

If you can conquer these three things, you're golden!:


Focus on Customer Experience

  • Be mobile friendly

Formatting your site for mobile has never been more important. In fact, a site for mobile is probably more important than a site for desktop.

According to Digiday, “The average American spends much longer on the internet compared to the global daily average, with each person spending two hours and 25 minutes on their phones, and 52 minutes at their desktop. By 2018, that gap is predicted to grow to people spending three hours and 20 minutes using the net on their phone, compared to just 40 minutes on the computer.”

  • Be local

Location- based technology like geo-fencing and GPS can tell you exactly where your users are – whether it’s in your business location, at your competitors’ or anywhere that might be relevant to your brand

As a healthcare marketer, if you’re not already incorporating location- based marketing, it’s safe to say you’re missing out on a major patient/customer base, which equals missing out on major revenue!

  • Be millennial friendly

While you may be used to focusing on Generation X and baby boomers, it’s crucial for healthcare marketers to consider millennials as well. Millennials hold so much spending power and are making more decisions about health all the time.

  • Be personal

How are you serving your community? I don’t mean walking around handing out fliers and self-promoting. I mean really serving. Press releases are great, but is that what your target audience reads? Brainstorm ways you can go the extra mile to show you care.


Build Trust

  • Position yourself as a leader

You need to build trust, position yourself as a leader in your industry so you become a valuable, trusted resource people automatically turn to in a time of need.

  • Put it online

If you have a fantastic doctor that patients love, tell people! Put it out there how much this doctor is respected and adored. People trust peer reviews. 

  • Customer reviews

60% of consumers say they trust doctors’ posts versus 36% who trust posts from a pharma firm.


Create Awesome Content

  • Dominate your email marketing

I’m going to cut right to the chase here and say if you’re not dominating your email marketing, you need to focus on dominating your email marketing.

This blog has some great email marketing tips! 

Now that you know how to focus on customer experience, build trust, and create awesome content. I want to leave you with some final advice.


Create specific goals.

Seek hard data to support those goals. Do you want to increase revenue? Specify by exactly how much, take what you’ve learned here and go do it!