The Best Brands Tweet Like A Bestie, Not A Brand.

These marketing teams are #goals.

They view Twitter as conversations rather than campaigns and man, does it pay off for them!

These brands are three things:

  1. real
  2. relatable
  3. relevant


Here are some great examples of what I mean:

Arby’s is relatable.

As soon as you see Arby’s Twitter, you can tell what their social media strategy is: to entertain. And I must say, they do it fantastically well. Even the tagline on their Twitter bio: “We have the tweets” had me smiling. People retweet Arby’s because they’re relatable and funny. Sure, they’ll talk about themselves sometimes, but that isn’t their focus. This tweet has a particular wit and charm for any Seinfeld fans out there.


Oreo is relevant:


Who can forget the infamous Oreo Super Bowl tweet of 2013? Oreo tweeted this just ten minutes after the power went out. This tweet is often famed in the marketing world as an example of how important it is to be paying attention and be “in the loop.” And what a great example it is! Since the tweet (which is still regarded as one of the highest audience/brand engagements), Oreo has capitalized on the Mars Rover landing and the birth of Prince George. Even non cookie eaters can appreciate the humor and timeliness behind Oreo’s tweets.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.43.42 AM.png


Denny’s is real:


Denny’s real grand slam was this tweet.


This tweet was a play on the popular “zoom in” meme. It has generated over 2,000 shares, 119,000 retweets, and 166,000 favorites. “This was a great example of our social media team both clearly knowing our brand and closely paying attention to topics that are trending and gaining popularity with our guests and fans,” says Denny’s CMO John Dillon, who commented on the tweet over email. “When the team saw how people were reacting to the new ‘Zoom In’ meme, they quickly drafted a version that fit the Denny’s voice, but in a way that stayed true to the actual meme.”


All three of these brands have conquered being real, relatable, and relevant. They don’t turn the conversation to be about them, and they add in some humor.


Let’s all take notes from these guys and talk more like a bestie instead of a brand.