Be Bold And Win The Sale

A nine-point breakdown of Jeff Shore's book shares valuable insights around the remedy for our addiction to comfort: boldness.

If you study leadership for any length of time you’ll quickly discover a common trait nearly all leaders share – leaders read… a lot.

I want to share some of my notes from a great book by Jeff Short titled Be Bold and Win the Sale. While the book is primarily about sales, it has application in many other areas of life too. 

Nine BOLD, Relevant Takeaways from Be Bold & Win The Sale

(I especially like # 7)


1.    Top performers find success not because they don’t feel discomfort, but because they plan for it and are equipped to beat it.

2.    The choice to confront discomfort is yours and yours alone. 

3.    A moment of discomfort always leads to a moment of decision.

        4.    Rationalizations are success killers.

5.    With every moment of decision, will you do the bold thing, or will you do the comfortable thing?

6.    We make up stories to allow ourselves to do the comfortable thing. What stories do you make up?

7.    Your standards are not what you desire; they are what you accept.

8.    To build boldness, you must choose your response before a decision is thrust upon you. 

9.    Always ask, “What is the right thing to do?” This changes everything.

 Push Forward

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And when you do, your career will begin to grow exponentially.

We live too much of our lives seeking comfort. The remedy for our addiction to comfort is found in one word: boldness.


Remember: followers are easy to find, but leaders are rare.