Become Rich By Mirroring the Habits of Rich People

Wealth is an interesting topic. Seemingly everyone wants to be wealthy, but few are willing to be disciplined enough to implement the habits to make wealth a reality.

The Rich Habits Institute indicates the rich do specific things every day to create their wealth. Think about it. A short list of daily practices is standing between you and amazing riches.

So, take a look at this list and determine how close you are to becoming rich!


15 Things the Rich Do Every Day

  1. 70% eat less than 300 junk food calories per day.


  2. 80% are focused on accomplishing some single goal.


  3. 76% exercise aerobically four days a week.


  4. 63% listen to audiobooks during the commute to work.


  5. 81% maintain a to-do list.


  6. 80% make “Happy Birthday” calls. 

    (This one may be the most interesting. Comment below and tell us WHY you think this is true.)


  7. 67% write down their goals.


  8. 88% read 30 minutes or more every day.


  9. 6% say what’s on their mind.


  10. 79% network five hours or more each month.


  11. 67% watch one hour or less of television every day.


  12. 6% watch reality television.


  13. 44% wake up three hours before work starts.


  14. 86% believe in lifelong educational self-improvement.


  15. 86% love to read.



It's About More


The person you’ll become by implementing these practices is far more valuable than the wealth you’ll build.

And remember, being rich toward others is what it’s about, not selfishly collecting and hoarding wealth. Huddle believes brands are most successful in their advertising and marketing models when they focus on being rich towards others and serving their needs, too.

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Want 3 More Habits of the Rich Right Now?

I intentionally left three habits out, to challenge those most interested to succeed. Will you follow through to get all the habits of the rich?