Best and Worst Mother's Day Ads

Mother's Day ads are high on our list of favorite things. From the hilarious and touching to the cringe-worthy and weird. 

Here are the best and worst Mother's Day Ads this year: 


This one had our marketing team in stitches. Edgy and hilarious, Kraft nailed Mother's Day this year. See for yourself:



KFC took an err, suggestive turn this year. This ad appeals to the mothers who enjoy romance novels and the like.

Be warned, it's NSFW. Just kidding. Sorta. 



A normally male-dominated brand, Carhartt focused on women this Mother's day. It's hard to go wrong when you focus on the strength of mothers. 

It's worth a watch:



Brawny shows a unique perspective of mothers. It seems they strapped go pros to toddlers. It's a touching view of reality. 



This is by far the weirdest ad we came across. I'm sure you could tell from the preview image. 

Beware: You can't unsee what you're about to see. 



Ok, so we cheated on this one. This ad is actually from two years ago, but it's so relatable, it's worth repeating. 

Can you identify? 


What do you think? Are these the best and worst or did we miss any? Tweet us and let us know! 

And for goodness sake, don't forget to celebrate your mother!