BREAKING: Man's Personal Brand to be Eaten Alive By Anaconda!

News headlines are littered with efforts to gain attention. You don’t need to look any further than the title of this blog, which was an actual news headline, to emphasize the truth that we all want to be noticed.


Your personal brand deserves to be built correctly, unlike some wild, attention-grabbing individuals today.


It's Good to Be Known

We all want to be noticed so we can feel valued. But perhaps more than feeling valued, we want to be known.

Unlike sensational news headlines seeking unrealistic fame for the wrong reasons, being known can be amazing. It can grow you, your brand, and your bank account!

While the benefits of being known are clear, let’s address a better question: How can you become more well-known? 




The Right Way to Improve Your Personal Brand


1. Share your unique perspective through a blog and your social channels


2. Become an expert on a topic you're interested in and find an audience that wants to learn more.

As you grow your audience, consider what publishing something tangible would look like.



3. Speak in public.

Practice by joining a group like Toastmasters and then start small by speaking at a local chamber event or some other platform that will grant you access. 


4. Create a podcast.

Approximately 70 million Americans listen to podcasts as the shift from “early adopters” continues to become more “mainstream.”


5. Always be ready to say something valuable.

Be committed to consistently improving yourself and others.


6. Grow your network.

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.



7. Share yourself and your knowledge liberally.

Be useful to others through your learnings or consistent great content you are able to create/share.



Make Your Next Click Valuable

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.  - George Bernard Shaw

How will you begin working toward being known by more people? Don’t wait. Start today.

Here’s a suggestion: connect with me on LinkedIn… I’ll make it as easy as a click for you to extend your network and expand your influence.