Clear or Clever Headlines? Revealing Which Strategy Drives Revenue

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.
— Seth Godin


How can you best capture your target audience's attention? Would it be better to implement a marketing campaign that is witty and clever or straight to the point?

In an age where standing out in advertising is increasingly difficult, which camp should you trust to produce results?


The Results Are In... Envelope Please


When CopyHackers tested the popular idiom: "clear over clever" the results revealed a favorite and marketers and sales teams alike new to pay attention. 


  • Clear Copy = 8% Conversion Rate.

  • Emotional Copy = 14% Conversion Rate.


  • Clever Copy = 18% Conversion Rate.


By using A/B page analytic testing, CopyHackers found out exactly which headlines elicited the greatest response and clear took home the belt. But note: clever copy holds the edge, when and only when, the concept is still clear. Wait what?

Your audience wants to be surprised but needs to still understand what you are communicating and what you are asking them to do. Do not muddy your CTA but bend the rules around your headline and copy.

Don't be afraid of funny, interesting, or even shocking headlines and campaigns.


A New Tightrope For Marketers When Reaching Their Target Audience

Today's top marketers must learn to balance the two sides of the copy coin. Be witty. Be clear. Seemingly impossible at times, but that's the fun of the marketing world. 

At least today, you're being encouraged to step out and try something BOLD.


Don't be afraid to find your brand's voice and take some wrong turns on your journey to the destination.