Do You Know Why People Talk To Themselves?

It’s awkward.


You overhear a great conversation taking place on the sidewalk, only to turn around and realize there’s just one person there. Weird.


Or maybe your spouse is in the house and you hear some mumbling, but when you ask about it you’re told, “Oh, I was just talking to myself.”


Why do we talk to ourselves? And perhaps more importantly, what should we be saying when we do?



There are lots of reasons healthy and intelligent people talk to themselves. According to, a few of the more prominent reasons we talk to ourselves are for brain efficiency, to help organize thoughts, and to achieve goals.


And there is a significant body of research emerging that shows positive self-talk may have incredible health benefits, including:


  • Increased life span

  • Lower rates of depression

  • Lower levels of distress

  • Greater resistance to the common cold

  • Better psychological and physical well-being

  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease

  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress



I Put Self-Talk To The Test - Here's What Happened


Like anyone else, I often catch myself in less-than-healthy thought patterns. Out of nowhere I hear, “John, you’re not good enough” or “John, you could never do that. Don’t even try it.

I jumped on the positive self-talk train, and I continue to enjoy a systematic approach to this encouraging lifestyle practice.   

But in November I decided to fight back.

I’m now actively catching negative self-talk and replacing it with the good stuff.


How I'm doing it is simple.

Below is my list of positive self-talk statements. My most common practice is to divide these statements evenly, allowing me to review half the list every other morning.

And yes, I actually say these statements out loud to receive the full benefit.



Top 30 Positive Self-Talk Statements


1.     I, John Vaughn, am a child of God, and my value comes from Him.


2.     I am a man who can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.


3.     I am a man of high integrity and character, and I choose to do the right thing.


4.     I am a man who has explosive energy and enthusiasm.


5.     I am a man with unshakable faith and God-given wisdom.


6.     I am a loving husband, choosing to love Angie well and put her needs before my own.


7.     I am intelligent, with a tremendous capacity to learn and apply new things.


8.     I am a leader, and I encourage and inspire others to pursue greatness.


9.     I am humble, not needing to receive credit or praise, and yet I’m bold and confident too.


10.  I am honest, always telling the truth.



11.  I am hopeful, believing in a bright future.


12.  I am an abundant thinker, believing there is enough for everyone to be successful.


13.  I am creative, consistently thinking of new and effective ways of doing things.


14.  I am a talented marketer, creating strategies that build long-lasting, profitable relationships.


15.  I am a terrific copywriter, possessing a unique gift of using words to sell without manipulating.


16.  I am a friend, always willing to invest time with people, because people matter.


17.  I am dependable; you can always count on me.


18.  I am consistent; you always know what you’re going to get.


19.  I am willing to be wrong; it’s okay.


20.  I am willing to fail because it’s a terrific way to learn.



21.  I am a person who pursues truth, even if it hurts.


22.  I am a learner because it makes me feel alive.


23.  I am punctual, choosing to respect others’ time.


24.  I am healthy, choosing to eat well and exercise regularly.


25.  I am a person of influence; people come to me for counsel.


26.  I am blessed with wealth, enabling me to help others in ways that would not otherwise be possible.


27.  I am an optimist, choosing to see what is right in every situation.


28.  I am disciplined, believing the alternative to discipline is disaster.


29.  I am a good listener and patient, but I take decisive action.


30.  I am an encourager, lifting others up all the time.



If you tell yourself something consistently, your brain figures out a way to make it happen.


Some of these statements are true right now, and some are aspirational. But I’m working to make them all a reality.


Don’t believe me? Give it a try.


Create your own list of positive self-talk statements, read them aloud every day for six months and see what happens.


You’ll be amazed at the results!