eFail - How The Convenience Of Communication May Hinder Your Growth

No matter where I am, I am able to email our clients and my team without delay. I've recently set-up an Apple Watch that makes it even that much easier! But, I'm begging you to stop if you want to grow. BUT...


We must get off of email and pick up the phone to call our clients.

We must sit down in our coworkers' offices and talk to them.  

We must (or maybe just should) have more walking meetings.



Because tone makes a gigantic difference in the way someone receives information. Because you are working with actually people. Because being in person defines intent and builds relationships, and relationships drive business.


If you want to build lasting relationships, you need to break away from email.



When You've Got (Only) Mail, You've Got Problems

A team that only communicates through email mutes what is necessary to achieve common goals. How would your team dynamics be different if each member understood each others' goals, struggles, family, background, personality strengths and flaws?

Email certainly has a place in the connected world we live in, and allows us to be extremely productive, but fight to step outside of email at least twice today. 

Beginning to build stronger relationships with your team and your clients starts with the basics.