Emotional Tricks To Drive Results In Your Marketing

You are in marketing. You are not a doctor.

In this profession, failure is expected. More testing leads to growth. 

The brain is predictable and emotional. Knowing how you can manipulate some basic decision-making neurons will save you hours of wasted work and get results like top industry experts. 


NOTE: Everything shared on this blog comes from professional experiments and real experience (They have all helped us convert our traffic to leads! Anyone can use them. #WindowOfficeHereICome).

We All Want To Push Buttons

Nothing says "ignore me" like some hyperlink text.

Brains (human brains, especially) want to click buttons.


Click the button... we dare you.


According to most studies our team has read, red buttons tend to outperform other color options.

But, before you make every button on your site red, we suggest matching your brand standards and then implementing high contrast elements.

If your company page is full of red (like ours) try a contrasting blue or green color. The goal of a button is to make your audience's next action extremely clear.

Psychology 101

ORANGE - Use orange to encouarge immediate action. But, be wary, this color is often associated with cheap and inexpensive.

RED - Use red offers a sense of urgency and a sale that requires you to act now. (WARNING: Don't over do it! Everything isn't the most important.)

BLUE - Use blue to build trust and help customers feel safe and secure.



RANDOM FUN FACT: The psychology of colors was put to the test with coffee in a variety of colored cups. Coffee in a cream cup was reported to taste best, while the same coffee in a red cup was said to have a bad aroma.


Remember color matters.
Buttons get clicked.


Try And Tell Me You Can't Relate?


Maybe you don't buy into buttons yet. That's ok. But even if you just use hyperlinks, all your links need to be from a first person point of view.

The human brain (not zombies... if they even have brains) is looking to picture you in a story.


"Click Here" isn't relatable to a brain.

Instead try this...

"I Want to Drive More Sales Using 'Product' That Does It All"


Your brain, and your customers' brains, want to be in the story. Make it easy for them, by linking text that focuses on benefits.


Don't confuse highlighting benefits with showcasing features.


A feature is "the amazing gas mileage on your new Prius."

A benefit is "having a ton of extra money on your road trip now that you're not wasting it on gas."


One recent study suggests a 90% better conversion rate using 1st person voice.



Show Happy Customers 


The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Our double-tap, finger-scrolling culture is begging your company to show them. And stop telling them.


Your product isn't going to make brains love you. people buy based on emotion.


Look at these fake product examples using images of happy customers!


Help people visualize themselves with your product.


Show them how your business can make their lives better.

And please, take the little effort it requires to get a real photographer.

Stock photos will destroy your brand's reputation and validity.

Be human.


Give Them Options (Or Don't)

Your brain wants to be in control.

Allow your clients to feel ownership, even if it's only perceived.

Don't offer your clients any more than three options. Too many options paralyzes buyers, when three or less options can allow your customers to feel they're in control.

When the human brain is presented with options it feels more compelled to choose one and then rationalize WHY that decision is best.

Ways you can offer your clients options:

  • Multiple buttons (leading to the same place - you sneaky marketer)
  • Cost options (I.E. the standard offering, exclusive value pack, or the platinum package)
  • Multi-year commitments (Save 10% by committing to more OR pay full price for one year.)



You Are An Amazing Marketer And Now You'll Be Even Better!


Successful marketers love growing and learning. These brain tricks will help you convert and achieve your goals with your audience... but they may not.

What worked for our company won't necessarily be the winning formula for you to drive more leads.

Try these tips. 






Some major trends in the industry have not been true for our audience and we'll continue to monitor and adapt.

Let your analytics be the ultimate judge.
Go convert.