Happy Anniversary! A 4-Step Guide to Celebrating Client Relationships.

In a day and age when expensive gifts and a friendly voice over the phone are the status quo for customer service,

a battle exists for a unique customer experience that champions your client.



If you’re fortunate enough to have a partnership for a decade, it’s a moment you don’t want to miss celebrating.  Huddle Tickets and Dick’s Sporting Goods have been partners since 2006 and served thousands of athletic directors, fans and communities.

 Toast 2 Ten was a ten-day (10 years, 10 days, get it?) drip campaign to celebrate all Dick’s Sporting Goods has accomplished partnering with Huddle Tickets. 

Here’s what we learned during Toast to Ten that you can apply to your client anniversary celebrations and customer experience efforts.

 1.   It’s not about you.

It’s not about your business or services. It’s about the client.  You are the guide. They are the hero. Make sure they know it.


2.   Get personal.

Take the old-school approach. Pull out your stationary that’s collecting dust and write hand-written notes. Include everyone! Show the client how many people their partnership affects.


3.   Take your time.

Relationships take time to develop, so should an anniversary present. Find a creative way to make the celebration last longer than opening a package or having a steak dinner.


4.   More money, more problems.

It’s the thought that counts. Truly. You can’t put a dollar amount on a gift that could actually match a client’s investment, so why do we try? A unique gift that celebrates the client, their loyalty and passions will be the best money you spend all year.




Relationships demand creativity and heart. Elevate your customer experience in 2017 with these simple tips to celebrate your clients.

Along with gifts, we sent along short videos each of the ten days of Toast to Ten.

See them here: 

Day 1

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Day 10