Happy New You - Perfecting Daily Practices to Yield Impact

It's another new year and I've got a present just for you. I want to offer you a chance to free yourself from the annual resolutions and never go back again.

Instead, I'll encourage you to begin daily practices that will yield an ongoing lifestyle of self-improvement -- it’s far less overwhelming and produces greater results.


Here are my tips to be successful in building daily practices that lead to a better lifestyle:


1. Get Focused

Shift your thinking to creating one, just one, well-defined goal. That’s it.

It should be important to you and, as you journey along toward accomplishing it, should provide amazing joy. Got it? Good.



2. Keep A Journal

Now that you have your one goal, it’s time to create a plan of attack. In writing. Really.

Goals that are written down get accomplished. The more you monitor your progress as you go, the better you’ll do at sticking to your goals.




3. Be Accountable to Someone

This point is huge. Be accountable. People who share their goals with a friend are 33% more successful than those who don’t.



4. Make It A Habit

Stick with your one goal for three months and the new behavior will become part of your routine. So it’s just three months to a better you! You can do that, right?



5. (FOR THE BOLD) Put Some Money On The Line

A cool website created by Yale economists found that people who vowed to pay a sum of money if they missed their goal were successful 72% of the time, versus 29% for those who didn’t pledge any money.    

Do you want to give yourself a 72% chance of achieving your goal?