How Children's Health Used an Unconventional Marketing Strategy to Connect to Moms

It can be a real challenge connecting to moms, but Make It Better allowed Children's Health to invest into more than a quarter million real lives and open up doors for tremendous impact. 


The Original Goal:

Children's Health wanted to become a beloved community partner to local elementary schools and children while simultaneously reaching their target audience: commercially-insured moms throughout the Dallas DMA.



Introducing The Huddle Solution: 

Children's Health, in partnership with Huddle, developed a plan to deliver free medical supplies to targeted schools and serve both moms and schools by sending home branded communication cards with relevant health-related messaging.

Elementary schools were gracious to receive desperately needed supplies, and parents benefited from educational information. 

Children's Health became a hero in the eyes of the community.


The Results Are In:

Children’s Health of Dallas connected to 280,000 students and their families across 319 elementary schools, which:

  • Elevated their reputation.
  • Emphasized their expertise.
  • Affirmed their commitment to the communities they serve.

Children’s Health successfully ingrained its brand in the minds and hearts of school faculty, students and moms at home through the Make It Better program.



“Thank you, thank you for the wonderful products sent to my school. I am a huge fan of Children’s Health."

- Cynthia Griffin, RN, BSN, NCSN