Marketing To Firefighters: How Clif Bar & Company Redefined Product Sampling


Deliver a new product line to a hyper-targeted audience -- eliminating inefficiencies and informing this key demographic of the many nutritional benefits their new product offers.


The Huddle Solution: 

Flip the traditional product sampling model on its head, and aggregate firefighters in multiple markets to create a meaningful communication channel for Clif Bar & Company to directly deliver its featured product and informative nutritional posters.


It was like a door-opening event on Black Friday when the package arrived at the station. Thanks Clif Bar!
— Cherryville Fire Chief



Clif Bar and Company served 200 fire stations in four markets with 50,000 free Clif Builder’s Bars and educational posters. Their campaign left an impression with firefighters and created a response that will likely ensure invaluable brand loyalty.

Product sampling goes back hundreds of years and has largely been executed the same way. Until Clif Bar & Company implemented an innovative strategy to reach its target audience by sampling like never before. 


A New Product Sampling Model

Instead of hoping for the right customers to come to you, take your product directly to your target consumers - and make them fall in love!

When Clif Bar & Company released its Clif Builder's Bars,  the great-tasting product resonated with tough, on-the-move individuals needing a high-protein snack for fuel.

Targeting fire stations in four specific DMA's, Huddle crafted an efficient approach that resulted in a wide network of fans. By serving our nation's brave firefighters through providing free Clif Builder's Bars, this product not only reached its target audience but also created local buzz.