How Restaurants Get Local Marketing Right

 Do you feel like your restaurant is struggling to connect your business with your community?

Here are 9 simple tips that can help your restaurant with local marketing.


1. Google+ will help with geo locating.

When potential customers are looking online at restaurants in the area, you WANT to be one of the top choices that pops up. Google + allows you to pinpoint your location on the map and will automatically show people where your location is.


2. Having an online menu available will automatically make your restaurant stand out.

Make sure your restaurant has some sort of reservation or call ahead seating tool in place such as nowait or opentable. Using these tools will add value to your website.


3. Make sure your website has enough information for your visitors.

It is important to not put too much information on your website. Simplicity is key when it comes to your website.


SIMPLICITY IS KEY when it comes to your website.


4. Be mobile and active on social media:

  • Respond to ALL your reviews and comments, yes even the bad ones
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to help drive in customers –if you are posting regularly on Facebook and tweeting, make sure you are on a timeline so your audience will be expecting news from you
  • Make a hashtag for Instagram. Try and stick to hashtags that pertain to the locals
  • Post pictures of your food. This will automatically enhance your social media accounts
Example-  “ CONGRATS TO THE CLASS OF 2017!!! JOIN US FOR ATL UTD FC GAMES #UNITEDANDCONQUER” (This was on the bottom of receipt at one of the local restaurants in the Atlanta area.)

5. Having a loyalty program will help polish your brand as well as your Point of Sales (POS).

It will let your customers know you care about them. Loyalty program can look anything like: having weekly promotions on your menu, providing birthday rewards, offering an incentive such as a free drink with every purchase of entrée every Monday. 


6. Be consistent.

When you are involved on social media, maintain consistency with your brand across all platforms. Even having the same font on your website will increase the value of your restaurant.


7. Show you care for your community.

Show up at events such as local farmer’s markets in the area. Participating in local markets will let your community know that you care about them.


8. Keep in touch with your neighbors.

By showing your neighbors you care for them, they will reciprocate that relationship and be able give credibility to your restaurant.

9. Always be open to new ideas for your restaurant.

By doing so, your business will continue to grow instead of staying stagnant. The CEO of Ashley Homestore once said,

“You ALWAYS want your business to be the sunrise business.”

Meaning you want to stay focused on looking ahead. If your business is in the sunset phase, then you are letting other things get ahead of you. Continue to stay focused on what is ahead as opposed to what you all did in the past. This will keep you business on the path to success.

Hopefully these 9 tips will help your restaurant become more connected to your community.

You are now equipped to display the traits of what locals are looking for in a restaurant.