How Servant Leadership Can Change Your Company

Deadlines.  Goals.  Stress.

These words can commonly describe most contemporary workplaces, but rarely do you hear the word servant used. That’s because of how easy it is to think of ourselves.  However, this selfish mentality creates an unenjoyable workplace for everyone.

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At Huddle, our mission is to Serve Our Neighbors. We define our “neighbors” as not only our clients and affiliates, but we also make it a point to serve our co-workers.

That’s right, the people that we spend 40+ hours per week with – the people that are a second FAMILY.

We are not perfect at being servants. When I took over a team for the first time, I had never heard of ‘servant leadership.’ All I knew was we were responsible for hitting a number, and if we fell short, I would be the one answering for it. My first quarter as a leader was a crash course in how to lead incorrectly. I was not serving them the way I should have been. 


Over that summer, I got my hands on a book called Dare to Serve by the former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Cheryl Bachelder. Cheryl introduced me to the idea of what it means to be a “Dare to Serve” leader, which can be broken down into two initiatives:

“Decide to think positively about the people you lead.”

“Decide to be a leader who serves others over self-interest.”

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These two thoughts became the basis of our team over the past year. We were able to develop a team code based on Cheryl’s teachings, which led us to great success. I have also been able to identify my true leadership style, and will continue to practice this throughout my career.

Recently, we had a group of seven interns begin the fall semester with us, and I posed the question to them,

“Who in your life has acted as a servant?”

Almost immediately, each responded with someone who has impacted their life in an amazing way. So I will pose to you the same question – who in your life has acted as a servant? Would you consider doing the same for your team?