How to Jump Into High School Sports Marketing

High school sports can help grow your business. But, how can your company leverage your high school sports marketing to generate more awareness, consideration, and sales?

High school sports enjoy a massive following and continue to tap into a local passion that is highly relevant within communities.

Huge companies like Dick’s Sporting GoodsMcDonald’s, and Walmart all implement a high school sports marketing strategy to look and feel like a locally invested partner.

Let's evaluate different entry points in the high school space and discover how to successfully promote your brand.


First Off, Should My Brand Be Investing In The High School Market? 


Considering a whopping 45 million people have attended high school sports events in the past year (Source: Nielsen Local), it isn't surprising to see all the corporate involvement. 


 If you want to make a local impact, the high school audience deserves your attention.


Quick Disclaimer: Strategy always precedes tactics. The content in this blog assumes you’ve determined that high school sports can help grow your business.  


The most important question is... how can my company jump into high school sports marketing to generate sales?


Here are some game-day tactics to consider:


  • Parking Lot

This is where your brand can make a terrific, initial impression. There are a lot of branding opportunities to consider, including teardrop signage (e.g., Game Tonight), parking attendants’ vests, cones, and parking tags.


  • Ticket Booth

Nearly everyone who attends the game needs a ticket to enter, so the ticket booth / gate is a popular place. Huddle has propelled countless numbers of companies' local marketing efforts by branding high school event admission tickets with their logo and coupon.

Depending on the venue, you can sponsor a pop-up tent, table, ticket box, or even the attendant shirts.


  • Fundraisers

High school sports marketing exists because high schools need money to fund the operating budget. You can come alongside local high schools and provide fundraising opportunities that meet significant needs. Working through the band, booster club, or cheerleaders is a great point of entry.


  • Student Section

Add value to the students and they will add value to your brand! Consider customized, school spirit branded t-shirts, noise makers, signage, or even branding the section.


  • Sidelines

While this tactic is more focused on football, some of the suggested items have application for other sports.

All eyes are focused toward the sidelines throughout much of the game, presenting a great opportunity to capture brand impressions. From printing a branded sideline tarp to a kicking net to a water cooler, your brand can customize assets to sponsor high school athletics.  


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