How to Make High School Marketing Easy

Engaging high schools to market your brand’s products and services can be tricky.

There are 26,000 high schools nationally, with each operating in a distinctly unique way.


And depending on your brand’s specific marketing initiatives, there can by numerous influencers within each high school who may be impacted by your involvement.

Through 18 years of high school marketing experience,
Huddle has navigated some choppy waters and learned a lot. 


How to Do High School Marketing the Right Way


Meet a Need.

meet a need.jpg

You won’t get very far if your brand’s marketing initiative doesn’t help the school in a tangible way. Schools have real needs, and your brand can help. Determine an authentic way to lend a helping hand and your brand will be embraced.


Create Relationships.


No one likes an interaction that feels cold and transactional. Get to know the amazing people at your local high school. Show them your brand cares about them. A terrific relationship makes all the difference.


Think Beyond Sports.


When most businesses think about high school marketing, they think about sports. While sports do offer tremendous opportunities to sponsoring brands, there is so much more opportunity inside the walls of the high schools. Think about graduation programs, bands, and community service initiatives, to name a few.


Testing is Good.


Don’t feel like you need to have all of the answers when you start. Much like when you were in college, experimentation can be a good thing! All kidding aside, you’ll need to implement a test or pilot program to see what works and what doesn’t. Then, all you need to do is more of what works. Easy, right?


Be Relevant.


Do your high school marketing efforts need to be relevant to the schools? Yes. But your initiatives also need to be relevant to your brand. This is when the magic really starts to happen. Make certain to design a program that is relevant to both.  

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And if you have any questions, send an email to I’m happy to share more insights to help you improve your high school marketing programs.