How To Make Your Website Feel Great to Your Customers

Having a great website can lead to huge growth for your company! But when you're juggling advice from your web designer, president and director of marketing all with different visions of success, it's difficult to know what your site needs. What voice do you choose to obey?


Your customer's perspective is the most important!


If you can help your customer feel great about your business, we promise that your entire staff will be happy. Because when a customer loves your website, and in turn loves your business, you will blow your sales goal out of the water!



3 Changes You Can Easily Make So Your Customer Feels Amazing About Your Business!


1. Make The Right First Impression

Hi, nice to meet you.

Assume that I know nothing about your business and I go to your website, what is my first impression? 

Is your website telling customers how awesome and trustworthy you are?

Does your main header use some cute, catchy phrase that is unclear?

OR... Is your website immediately focused on solving a customer's problem?


If your biggest takeaway isn't solving your target customers' problem, they won't feel like they NEED what you are selling.


Lead your audience to feel like they've landed in the perfect place to get help because you can solve their problem.


Explain to your audience how you can solve their problem in just three seconds.


BONUS: Invest in a professional photographer and get real images of your products and your customers! Stock photography is hurting your business. (We break this rule too, but we're fighting to make the change, because we know how important it is.)


2. Communicate With Empathy


Remember that last conversation you had, when the person you were talking to was distracted, or disinterested, or asked ZERO questions. It feels terrible.

Your audience is begging to be known and heard. Which throws the door open for your company to  sympathize with how your target audience feels. 

Your business solves a problem. Let your website demonstrate empathy by relating to the struggles and fears of your target audience!

Tell them you understand and they are not alone in this.

When you've been in business for years and have solved thousands of problems, it's easy to forget the original doubts of your customers. But, be careful. Your company has a responsibility to help your customers overcome their fears and give them a solution.

The feeling of being understood is invaluable.


3. Fix Your Forms

Confession: This is a new one for us and we're working on it right now.



If you successfully change your website in the two ways above you'll see a noticeable uptick in how your customers feel and ultimately how often they want to work with you.

This last tip is a subtle detail that goes a long way toward building strong customer relationships.

After your audiences reaches out on the "Contact Us" page, what happens next? Too often the experience is similar to a closed door slamming in their face after you smile and wave from the window. You've earned your audience's trust enough for them to reach out and then you leave them feeling confused. Tricked. Trapped. And, waiting for more direction to the problem they have right now!

After your web traffic fills out a form, redirect them to more resources, email them a tool, offer them a link to a page that can better serve them RIGHT NOW. 

If you only get their contact information without offering help, you're making them feel like a business lead. 

You can treat your audience better than that.



You're on your way to changing how your customers feel about your business! Every baby step towards understanding your customers' emotions will go a long way.

Remember customers never forget how you make them feel.