How To Persuade Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing tool available in business today. Consider that email return on investment is around 41 to 1 and there are 40 times as many purchases from links in emails than from Facebook and Twitter.

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It’s also been said that the hottest and sexiest (where am I going with this?!?) social network right now is your inbox. Wow! That’s powerful.


There is (more) money to be made through email marketing, so buckle up as I share nine email marketing tips from Ian Brodie’s book titled Email Persuasion. These tips are sure to help you become a better email marketer immediately.



1.     The one thing that determines your success at email marketing is your ability to understand your target clients and what’s important to them. The simplest and most effective way to build this deep level of understanding is to develop one or more ideal client personas. If you want to learn more about developing client personas, check out Adele Revella’s book titled Buyer Personas. It’s the best resource I know on this subject.



2.     Reach out to existing contacts and offer them an incentive if they sign up for your email list. Most won’t sign up unless your incentive is very strong. But it will give you a clean database to start from.



3.     Always keep your email list clean by removing people who don’t open or click emails for months. It’s better to have a small list of engaged subscribers than a large list of subscribers who don’t care!



4.     The first few lines of your email can make a difference. Many email browsers not only show the subject line of an email in your inbox, they also show the first line or so of the email.



5.     Make sure your emails are mobile friendly and can be easily read on mobile devices. That means plenty of white space with short sentences and paragraphs.



6.     Emails that use a lot of graphics and formatting get 34% fewer clicks than plain text emails. But emails that have a little bit of formatting: the occasional underline, or bolded text, or links highlighted in the normal color for links; they receive 55% more clicks than plain text.



7.     A big secret to getting people to engage and take action on your emails is simply to ask them. You have to give them a call to action!



8.     Another effective secret of email marketing is that “little and often” almost always beats “big and infrequent.” Remember, out of sight equals out of mind.



9.     There are six weapons of persuasion that can help your email marketing campaigns. If you want to learn more about these, be sure to check out Robert Cialdini’s book titled Influence.


a.     Reciprocity – After someone has subscribed to your email list, give them an unexpected bonus, may an extra free report.


b.     Social Proof – Add a quote from someone who loves your newsletter or show them the benefits some of your customers have received from it.


c.     Commitment and Consistency – Start asking subscribers to begin interacting with you in a small way right from the start when communicating with them.


d.     Liking – Just be nice! It’s that simple.


e.     Authority – Establish yourself as a credible authority because people tend to obey authority figures and do what they ask.


f.      Scarcity – Tell subscribers when something is genuinely scarce.


So there you have it – nine email marketing tips to help you improve right now! Start testing a few of these suggestions and see what happens.



Bonus Tip


When using scarcity in your email marketing, couple it with a timing component (a deadline!) and see what happens.



There isn’t a better combination to prompt action than scarcity and a deadline. Just be sure the scarcity and deadline are real. It’s important to maintain integrity throughout the entire process.