How You're Losing Customers In A Matter of Pixels - Image Advice for Top Marketers

Nielsen Norman Group's eye-tracking studies found a HUGE gap in engagement between the types of images you use on your website. Is your homepage capturing your audience's attention or asking them to leave and visit your competitors?

  • Stock photos are completely ignored in eye-tracking studies. This is typically the case for big feel-good images that are purely decorative.
  • But other pictures with real people are treated as important content and scrutinized. Photos of products and original content (as opposed to stock photos of models) often fall into this category that interests the brain.




Stock Photos Are Likely Hurting Your Message Like They Were Hurting Ours... The Ugly Truth.

Stock photography at its best is still cringe-worthy.  Don't lose customers to convenience.

Stock photography at its best is still cringe-worthy. Don't lose customers to convenience.


If You Want More Business, You Need To Use More Original Photography! Grow From Our Experience...


There's no guarantee that you'll have the same results we did, but in an effort to follow this principle we recently changed our homepage to feature photos you can't download from a site. Crazy.

Listen, this took time.

We had to schedule a photo shoot and reach out to a photographer. But, we believe our images and homepage are not only stronger but our product is more trustworthy by being on display.


Old Homepage

The problems:

  • Stock photos... everywhere.
  • What is the product?
  • The message (imagery and copy) is vague.

Most painful metric: 88% bounce rate. (meaning traffic left within 10 seconds)

updated Homepage

The solution:

  • Real professional photo of product.
  • We now show a Huddle Ticket.
  • We've achieved clarity visually and matched it with the copy.

Has it worked?: Bounce rate has dropped to 48% in a matter of weeks! (Better is still possible.)


Your Team Page Is An Easy Place To Start - Show Your Beautiful Faces

Not only do faces create a warm introduction to your company, but seeing a human face is proven to generate empathy and lead to higher conversion rates.

There is no excuse for a team page not showing your human side.


Picture This: More Clients. More Money.


Stock photography is essentially a billboard to your traffic saying, "We aren't successful or exciting. Go work with someone else."


Seeking out real photography is an investment in your brand's reputation and future.


Now... practically speaking, it's not convenient. We accept there are times you must use stock photography.

If you have to use stock photography, there are some great resources that don't feel too, "stocky" and generic. 


Here are your best stock photography options:


Go, rule the world with better pictures!

But before you replace your stock images with actual photography and see better conversion rates, enjoy Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco spoofing stock photography.

Credit for all the original photos: Global Stock/iStock by Getty Images and FOX for their witty promotion for the movie Unfinished Business.