Introducing Today's Family Demographics And What It Means For Marketing

Many of our clients come to Huddle looking for answers on how their brand can effectively connect with families. Our mission is to give brands a local voice with their target audiences. Often, that audience is the family.


But, Who is Today's Family?

The modern 2016 family is multi-generational, interracial, unmarried and increasingly reliant on a dual income... let's dive a little deeper.


Meet the Neighbors

(Actually, no one really knows their neighbors anymore.)


  • Only 4% of families today are composed of a "traditional" unit (father that is the sole breadwinner and a mother that stays at home with the children).
  • 41% of births in 2012 were to unmarried mother.
  • The median age to marry is the highest it has ever been, 2014 reported it to be  29 for men and 27 for women.
  • In total, Americans owe $11.74 trillion in debt.
  • The average U.S. household carries $15,611 in credit card debt.
  • 1 in 3 Millennials believe marriage will become obsolete.
  • 53% of people believe technology is negatively impacting their family.
  • 48% of people think the increase in single-parent households is harming society.
  • Nearly one-third of people consider pets to be part of the family. 
  • 69% of millennials said it’s important for parents to instill in their children a sense of spirituality.
  • One-third of millennials said they sometimes feel closer to their coworkers than to their own families. 
  • 40% of all new marriages in the US are remarriages for one or both of the partners.


Wow, But What Does It Mean For Brands?

No matter what your brands opinion may be as to the value of those statistics, you can't deny two things:


1. The family is changing, and it's changing quickly.


2. A consistent theme SEEN is a search for relationships.


In any field as a marketing or advertising decision maker, how does this growing understanding impact your marketing strategy?


Your brand must find a way to create relationships.


Meaningful interactions with your target audience hold the future to your brand's success. There is a clear shift away from bombarding messages and sales pitches and a movement towards brands that invest in real lives.

Brand that interact with their customers and... wait for it... treat them like people.

Look for ways to build relationships and interact with them like an interesting conversation.


How is your brand connecting with today's families?


MORE IMPORTANT: How would your targeted families answer that same question about your brand???