Lord & Taylor's #BestNightEver = #BestTargetedMarketingCampaign

Lord and Taylor, in partnership with Huddle, connected to high school upperclassmen through the Best Night Ever campaign, which grew into a Huddle favorite.

Effective marketing is relational, and this campaign was successful because of how it engaged the Lord and Taylor target audience.



Breaking Down The #BestNightEver Campaign


Targeting 45 high schools prior to their pinnacle prom event, the Best Night Ever campaign challenged schools to compete for $10,000 to go towards prom.


This program is a great example of relevant, efficient connection between brand and audience - embodying the Huddle mantra “Come Together.”
— Joey Thacker, Huddle CEO

Lord and Taylor not only joined the many conversations surrounding students' prom experience, but also engaged students inside their schools on Twitter and Instagram. The campaign was a perfect marriage of digital media and physical marketing elements that unified the schools in a cohesive effort to win.





Connect to high school upperclassmen through social media, drive traffic to Lord and Taylor retail locations and boost awareness/affinity of the Lord and Taylor brand.



The multi-layered strategy was built on relationships. The first and foremost relationship to ensure the program’s success: the school decision maker.

Schools were sent multiple shipments to allow the Huddle affiliate recruitment team to build rapport/credibility through consistent communication. The shipments included:



The program’s success went beyond the exciting brainstorming sessions that ultimately launched this program.  

The Best Night Ever campaign tallied more than 510,000 total entries across Twitter and Instagram. As expected, Twitter was the primary means of entry accumulating 96% of all posts. (Fact: The top-performing tweet was retweeted 331 times.)



Marketing is all about the experience you deliver. The more compelling the experience, the faster you will build brand loyalty.
— Entrepreneur Magazine





This campaign was a success because it related to students and engrained the Lord and Taylor brand during an exciting time of their lives. Students experienced the Lord and Taylor brand firsthand and their favorite memories are now set to the backdrop of Lord and Taylor.


The far-reaching effects of this campaign garnered print and online media coverage. News coverage, which only further boosted the buzz around the brand and increased affinity, featured the winning high school and spoke highly of the generosity of Lord and Taylor. 



COUNT DOWNNNN #bnemartavalle @lordandtaylor ! #Ericacrashmyprom

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Even though we didn’t win, we had a great time. I am now a devoted customer of Lord and Taylor!
— Island Trees High School

Thank you, Lord and Taylor, for your partnership. Huddle is thankful for clients who are willing to attempt great ideas that stretch traditional marketing efforts. This was a fun campaign that achieved everything it set out to accomplish.