Marketing to New Moms

Over 80% of new moms in the U.S. are Millennials – so how do you reach them?


Here are four things your brand must do to break through the clutter and provide value to one of the largest consumer segments.



1.     Make it easy.

Second only to safety, the Millennial Mom is most concerned with convenience. 60% of young moms work full-time and the last thing they have time to do is spend 10 minutes figuring out who you are or how to sign up for your online coupons. If you’re not clear, direct and user-friendly, mom is moving on. Make sure moms know what you do, what you stand for and how to reap the benefits of your product in one quick glance at their smartphones.


2.     Meet them where they are.

If you’re looking for the new moms, they’re not watching TV and they’re likely skimming past your traditional print marketing. Meet mom where she is. Think of a “Mom Calendar” if you will. From daycare schedules and teacher gifts to playdates and doctor appointments, the typical consumer-driven holidays are not where you’ll meet “mom the consumer” intimately. Find key points of entry to mom’s everyday activities. Serve her there and you’ll see the biggest bang for your buck.


3.     Be Digital, but Be Relational.

We live in an age where digital is king and every mom is glued to her smartphone, but what makes your brand rise about the rest? Referrals are lifelines to new moms.  Find the spheres of influence that are important to mom – blogs, community groups, parenting social feeds. Learn their heartbeat and provide them with an amazing customer experience. It will be shared ten times over.


4.     Don’t forget Millennial dads.

Expect diversity in the household. And expect many Millennial dads are staying at home these days, too. These dads are even more likely to turn to YouTube and other outlets for parenting contact so don’t assume you’re only talking to mom. See how Chrysler geared their message towards the Millennial dad HERE.


Moms are busy, intentional and relationship-driven. Before you embark on a new marketing platform ask yourself if your message meets these four criteria. If your product makes a mom’s life easier, make sure she doesn’t miss your message.


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