5 Reasons the Meerkat is the Perfect Mascot for Huddle

If you've been in our main office, maybe you've seen the meerkat on t-shirts and in hallways. But, why did Huddle chose a meerkat? Good question. 

It was a morning that felt like any other workday, which at Huddle means just about anything can happen. Alex Gue, Huddle president, walked into the office particularly excited, but with a sad, mascot-filled hole in his heart. He declared it was time for Huddle to have a mascot.

The task at hand was serious. And in the end, the clear winner was, with good reason, THE MEERKAT.



Why A Meerkat You Ask?


The answers will tell you more about the Huddle culture and how we do business.


1. Meerkats Are Loyal Beyond Belief


Meerkats are always traveling in packs. They are there for each other without question. And, when it’s time to sleep, one of them will always stand guard and look out for the interest of others.

Wow, a perfect fit – the Huddle mission is to serve our neighbors. Who are our neighbors? Our neighbors are our clients, our team, our vendors, our affiliates and, yes, even blog readers like yourself.


2. Meerkats Live in Large Underground Networks With Multiple Entrances


Huddle has found success in the marketplace by connecting brands to their hard-to-reach audiences. How do we accomplish such a feat?

Like meerkats, we create deep networks. These far-reaching, national networks allow brands to engage their target audience directly where they live, work and play and create valuable relationships.


3. Meerkats Love Their Family


You spend most of your day at work. The way we see it, you better enjoy it.

When you enjoy what you do and those you are working with, you will produce your best work and be on a path of growth. Meet the fabulous Huddle team.


4. Meerkats Are Talented In Making Multiple Types of Calls


Meerkats of the wild and at Huddle survive based on calls. The wild meerkat is constantly communicating through alarm calls, panic calls and recruitment calls. And, calls are the key to our success at Huddle too.

Humble brag: The Huddle team makes an average of 100,000 calls annually.  These calls range from recruiting new affiliates, maintaining relationships with our existing partners, and researching new needs in the market.



5. Meerkats Are About Good Times 


If you do excellent work, there is freedom for some good times along the way.

Our clients enjoy working with the Huddle team, and we love getting to know them and their interests, all while effectively marketing their brand to their target audience. 



Meet A Meerkat

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to meet you.

If you would benefit from strengthened relationships with your target audience, we want to help.

Our work is built on a foundation of service and relationships and we can add your brand to nearly any conversation happening around the country.


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