Meerkats in the Spotlight


Meet Derek. We call him Pags, D-brickashaw, Papa Pags, Drrrk, and Sid. 

Derek is our Director of Inside Sales, and he is an incredible leader. His team directly impacts brands and fans every day here at Huddle as we live out being the leader in high school event tickets and marketing. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I thought we would highlight how some of our Huddle team members serve our corporate clients and foster and maintain relationships with participating schools. 

I sat down with Derek (which was nothing short of entertaining to say the least) and asked him questions about his role at Huddle, how he impacts our clients and schools and what aspect of his role is most meaningful to him. Here is a recap of our interview!

How does your work directly impact brands?

My team’s job is to make our clients look good and feel good.


We remove ourselves from the equation to ensure we position the client as the hero within the school. Essentially, we champion the brand by helping them meet a need while directly connecting with the school.

The goal of our every day is to position the brand’s biggest area of strength in front of the school and leverage their reputation as the reason schools will want to partner with them.

Whether our clients’ main objective is return on investment or to be an exclusive community partner, we make it easy for them to be successful. We execute every detail after a brand has committed to a program with Huddle. The brand is the star of the show.


How does your work directly impact high schools? 

By simply meeting a need that otherwise would not happen without our brands’ willingness to do so.

It is our job to translate the importance of event tickets and marketing within high schools to our clients. High schools love the funding created by event tickets provided to them for free on behalf of our clients. The schools also benefit from brand-sponsored incentive programs and sweepstakes. Huddle executes efficiently for both the high school and the brand.

What my team does best is helping brands make an explosive impact in communities across the nation while helping the brand get new customers, drive sales, and meet the needs of high schools.  


What is proof of performance and why is it important?

We provide all of our clients proof their programs are impacting schools by giving them something tangible to measure success. This can be anything from pictures of school staff, students, or fans using the products, to handwritten thank you notes and testimonials from those that are directly impacted by the sponsored program. The proof of performance helps the brand look good and feel good.

The return on investment speaks for itself for the client, but to have something tangible from those who are impacted by corporate dollars speaks volumes and encourages the brand to continue to make a difference.  

Proof of performance also acts as the voice of the customer. This could be the parents of a student, the athletic director, a guidance counselor or simply a fan of the football team who attended a Friday night game at the high school.



What do you feel is the most important part of your role?

Listening. Our line of work is very niche in an industry that requires a lot of listening. We constantly want to hear feedback from schools and brands that enable us to make our programs better. This also helps us have the most accurate information as to why the programs works.


What is the most meaningful aspect of your job?

The most meaningful part of my job is watching each member of the Huddle Farm grow. The Huddle Farm is our internship program. I hear them day after day get better with each conversation they have with schools. I love seeing my team go from point A, as new members the Huddle family, to point B, where they handle conversations with schools and cultivate strong relationships. Be Growing is important for all of us at Huddle, and I feel my team is a great example of this core value.    

It is also rewarding for me to see our Huddle Farm members move on to bigger and better things after our internship program whether that be within Huddle or outside of our organization.

We believe we serve our clients by serving schools by first.

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