Meerkats in the Spotlight


Meet Preea. She’s a seasoned Meerkat as she quickly approaches her fourth year of blessing us every day at Huddle! Preea is a graphic designer and the artistic genius behind all things creative. She maintains our brand standards, creates our marketing collateral with visual storytelling, supports account management, conceptualizes innovative designs, and manages the Huddle Tickets and GoFan design process.

Preea is strong willed, honest, extremely talented and painfully hilarious. She supports every department within Huddle and she always exceeds expectations. 

Here is a recap of my spotlight interview.


How does your work directly impact brands?

With every creative project, I keep our mantra of making our clients look good and feel good.

hampster look good.gif

I do this because we never want to put something into the marketplace for our clients that does not reflect our own high standards.

My work directly impacts brands because I am responsible for executing the vision of the client and helping their ideas come to life. With every creative project, I position the client’s brand as the hero.


How does your work directly impact high schools?

The design process for Huddle Tickets is one way I help impact our partnering schools. By implementing our process, we ensure quality printing of the schools’ tickets that is visually pleasing and consistent with our brand standards.

I also impact high schools by designing the schools’ Huddle Tickets in a way that helps the individual high school feel like they have some ownership of the ticket without it just looking like an advertisement.

The designs of marketing collateral needed for a brand-sponsored program also impacts schools. Schools are more receptive to items associated with a program that are easy to display, visually interesting, and useful to them. We always make sure the programs our clients have sponsored are valuable for the school and the community.

PP Blog tickets.jpg

How does your role play a part in providing proof of performance?

When a program is approaching the end of a school year, it is my responsibility to sit down with our account managers to go over photos, thank you notes and other appreciation items from our clients to create something that visually displays the impact that brand had on their partnering school.

Proof of performance is so important for us to send to a client. It is our way to tangibly show their program is working in the community and that they are meeting a need of the school.

proof of performance designed by Preea

PP Blog POP.jpg
PP Blog LTProm.jpg

Best Night Ever Campaign, Lord & Taylor

PP Blog Folders.jpg

Huddle Folders, Tallahassee Memorial Health


What is your favorite part of what you do?

For me, designing never feels like work and I will never get tired of doing what I love.  Since you are making me pick a favorite, I would say what I love doing the most is designing and branding our internal Huddle experience. I have worked on many projects for clients and schools, but the various projects I have done for our own team is by far the most rewarding. Most of the time, I am unable to see the reactions of my designs from our clients, but when I see how people I work alongside every day react it makes my job that much more rewarding.  

As far as the internal experience, some of the projects I have worked on are signage and invitations for internal events, birthday cards for Huddle spouses, design creative for our various departments, new hire welcome banners and cards, Huddle Farm creative and internal website design.


Other designs by Preea


GoFan School Signage


Website Design, Impact

PP Blog Viewfinder.jpg

Viewfinder Image, Moneygram


Huddle Employee Planner Design


Fun Fact

Preea has the cutest snaggle-toothed pup named Jax, and the meanest hissing cat named Vera.

An acurate depiction of ho

An accurate depiction of how much Vera loves Jax...