Meerkats in the Spotlight


Meet Heather.



She is our AVP of Customer Experience, and she couldn’t be more perfect for the pivotal role. She is the heartbeat for our customers and strives to ensure every client has the same positive experience with Huddle. Heather and I sat down and reflected on how her role impacts both our brands and our schools, and it is clear she is passionate about the work she does at Huddle.


How does your work directly impact brands?

It is our job to make it easy for the brand to position themselves within the high school marketplace and the community surrounding it. We make this easy for our clients, saving them bandwidth while helping them achieve community partnerships. We want always want our clients to look good and feel good!

Our goal is to ensure our clients have a great experience so they continue to work with us and continue to serve more schools.

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How does your work directly impact high schools?

If we continue to provide our clients with a wonderful experience, they will choose to not just pay a fee for our services but will see it as a partnership with us over multiple years. A returning community partner is in the best interest of the school. 

If I provide the right clients with the right experiences, then the schools and fans get the brands they want, including the ones that make the most sense for them. Another way my work directly impacts high schools is by serving the school first no matter what, and then finding the best suitable brands to partner with those communities.


 What are the key moments of interaction with clients?

We want to make the biggest impact on a client while asking them to do very little.  It is our priority to make sure a brand has a smooth on-boarding process and to have proactive communication. This helps us provide answers to potential questions up front so our clients spend less time asking.

Client gifting is also one a key moment with some of our clients. We want them to know we consider our relationship with them as a meaningful partnership and not just a transaction that happens once a year.



What is your favorite part of what you do?

It’s hearing the emotional response clients give us when asking for feedback. If our clients’ program success makes someone look good in front of their boss, it is the best feeling ever! We know Huddle Tickets works, but sometimes it’s hard to measure those feelings of success from the client. When we do customer experience interviews and sense the excitement in their voices or receive tangible feedback like thank you notes, it’s priceless.


What Our Clients Are Saying:


"We earned almost 5 times more than what we put into the test."

— Kelly Sulkosky, rue21


"Effective. Targeted. Unequalled. Huddle Tickets delivers what it promises."

— Kendall Poole, Tennessee DOT


"Huddle gives CITGO a local voice, making a significant impact for us."


— Joesph Minotti, CITGO Petroleum