Meerkats in the Spotlight


Meet Corey! 

He is our assistant vice president and general sales manager. He's a fearless leader and is guaranteed to make your day better when you see him. 

Corey's role is essential for supporting our clients and other sales representatives at Huddle, and he has a passion for leading others and cultivating relationships. Throughout my interview with him you'll see how apparent his love for Huddle is. 


How does my work directly impact brands?

I help guide brands through the high school and local marketing world. I position them in the space where they can directly reach their core customer and the communities that impact their business. The marketplace we are in can be challenging to successfully navigate, but as the experts, we're able to find what is right for the customer. Outside our core product offerings, we often custom-build powerful, grassroots opportunities for brands that engage the audience.

Sometimes it can be hard to stand out in such a saturated market, but we move our clients into a position that benefits them. We always do business in a way that is organic and different to build relationships so our clients trust us and are confident in our ability to serve them.


How do I directly impact high schools?


Every program we sell provides value to a school. Whether it’s Huddle Tickets providing free admission tickets which saves schools’ money or a competitive pledging program that promotes graduation, every program engages a school while benefiting the brand and fans too.  


What is my favorite part of what I do?

mt everest.jpeg

Problem-solving. Sometimes it feels like we are climbing Mt. Everest during our sales journey, but the end result is powerful and rewarding. Experiencing the journey with people you work with, who are more like family, is so much fun.


Fun Fact

corey as margot.jpg

Corey has perfected the art of cloning. His daughter, Margot, is a spitting image of him.