Meerkats in the Spotlight

We have been growing like crazy at Huddle, and with that growth comes great talent and experience from some of our newest Meerkats! We’re so happy to have Lawrence Pede join our family as our Chief Financial Officer! He is the perfect addition to our crazy team.


Quick fun facts about Lawrence:
He is three quarters Italian and one quarter Irish.
he is a way better cook than all of us!


We thought it would be fun to put Lawrence on the spot and ask him some questions in true Huddle form to make him a little uncomfortable and see if he’s as weird as the rest of us. We think you’ll find his answers quite entertaining.


Here comes the weird:

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?

If I could swap with anyone it would be a surf instructor. I would love to swap with a guy who works on a beach in Costa Rica to be specific.


But realistically, I’d like to swap places with Joey Thacker, our CEO. Not because he is the CEO, but just so I can drive his massive pickup truck for a day. I have truck envy so I’d be living the dream if I could just swap vehicles for the day.


What are some of your pet peeves?

I HATE buzz words and hand gestures. I will usually go out of my way to not use buzzwords, but I can’t tell you the one I hate the most so I don’t offend anyone. I also really, really hate bad food.



What are words you would use to describe Huddle?

I know it’s cheesy, but it couldn’t be truer: FAMILY is the first word I think of to describe Huddle. The family unit here is something special. I also think the word GROW describes Huddle.


There is growth in every department, and it is necessary for any organization.


What’s your favorite place in the world?

The beach. Other than the Italian coast, the gulf coast is my absolute favorite beach, and we have been going there for years.



What two individuals, living or dead,
would you like to eat dinner with the most?

My first thought is George Washington (great hair), and my maternal great grandfather Thomas. 

george washington.jpeg

Thomas was a staircase builder in Manhattan, and my mother has an old wood working tool he used for his job that is framed in her house. If I had dinner with him I hope he would tell us all about his life while working in Manhattan. I wonder what he would think of the city today?

woodworking tool.jpg


What is your favorite family tradition?

Sunday night pasta nights with my wife and two girls are my favorite. I love making this one pasta dish with homemade sausage and broccoli in a white wine sauce and homemade crusty bread!



What is your favorite part about working for Huddle?

I GET TO WEAR THESE SNEAKERS (props feet up on desk with excitement)! The last time I had a pair of these Adidas Gazelles was 1991. When I realized I could dress casually at Huddle, I had to have them again. I have never had the chance to wear sneakers to work until now.


All joking aside, I do love the closeness and comradery of this team and the roots of the company. This place truly feels like a family.

There you have it folks, a little insight in to our family!

We are so happy Lawrence has joined us, and we know he is a pivotal part of our success as a company.