More Opportunities to Serve

The way my grandfather used to spend his Thursday evenings has stuck with me for years.

I’ve always admired so many things about him, but this particular weekly ritual stands out. 

If it was a Thursday night, we knew that he would be visiting the sick in the local hospital. Every Thursday evening. Without fail.

Nothing could distract him from his desire to be intentional in this area of his life.

My grandfather was one of the greatest men I’ve known. His Thursday evening routine taught me practices I use in business to this day and the value of small deposits of faithfulness over time.

Similarly, Huddle exists to serve our neighbors. I truly believe our faithfulness to this purpose is what leads to growth.



  I am thrilled to announce the newest ways we’re able to serve.



As noted in a national press release issued on Wednesday, August 10, Huddle has acquired Preptix, a digital ticketing company. We purchased Preptix to augment our digital ticketing platform, GoFan. We’re excited to have the Preptix team join our family. Together, we’ve created the nation's largest and most innovative ticketing solution for the high school sports market.

But that’s only half of the good news. Huddle has also been named by the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) as the exclusive provider of digital tickets to high schools nationwide.

This means positive changes are coming for many people.



What does this mean for high schools?


It means high schools can modernize. The high school market is one of the largest in the world that doesn’t provide a digital ticketing option for fans. Schools will finally be able to digitally sell tickets, alleviate gate congestion, and securely transfer ticket sales. 



What does this mean for corporate clients?


Our partners can now be even more effective with their brand messaging and promotional offers. For example, a brand can change its coupon offer at any time or send relevant messages to fans immediately after a ticket purchase.



What does this mean for Huddle?


Well, in short, it means growth! The GoFan digital ticket platform is going to add to the 150 million paper tickets we already deliver annually to over 9,000 schools and 18 state associations. 

The future is bright. We’re so grateful for these new opportunities to serve our neighbors.

As we grow, we will continue to be faithful to you, our partners and neighbors, in exciting, innovative ways.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.